Monday, September 26, 2011

Spiky Shit.

I may be in a funk.  But then again, it is Monday.  Monday is just ridiculous.  Especially when you have to come back down to reality after a pretty decent weekend.  For the kids, it's just nuts, really.  But I thought of something... in my funkiness... that I need.

Ya know how Kroger, or Home Depot, or whatever will have those spiky do-dads in their "O"s so the birdies don't make nests there?  I need a roll of that.  This may sound incredibly mean, but think about it.  I begin Monday cleaning the house.  I continue through the rest of the week 'til on Friday it looks pretty great.  I wouldn't say that I rest on the weekends... I have enough kids that it kinda makes me giggle to think such a thing would happen... but the housework does go a little lax because of all the other things to do...  I'm just sayin...  if I had that spiky shit to put on say, the top of the microwave where all the knicky-knack crap goes from the table... mayhaps I would have a clean microwave.  How's about the top of the fridge?  The mantle?  Temporarily on the beds after I have made them?  If I have clean clothes that get left in a basket, people are gonna just continue to pile crap in the basket.  Bam.  Spiky shit.  Seems harsh.  But if I tell people to put their crap away a million times... and it doesn't get done... what then?  A raging mother-blogger.  No good.  It keeps the birds from making nests, it would keep my house from piling up on top of itself and becoming the House of Usher. 

I'm just saying.

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