Friday, September 02, 2011

Pigeons and Penguins and the Nasty

Proof that I am just too damn exciting for my kids:

This has happened at lunch to poor Max about four times in the last week.  He always wakes up and gives a look that (literally) screams, "Well how the hell did that happen??"

In other news:
Coop told me these two random facts this week that I found very interesting:

1. Pigeons make milk for their young.
2. Penguins have blubber to keep them warm.

Before telling you, my loyal readers, these facts... I googled them.  I now urge you to do the same.  When you google "pigeon milk" you should take a gander at the results for urban dictionary that pop up.  It has become a joke between the Hubs and I... and has obliterated this poor 6 year old's very informative fact.  Enjoy.

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