Friday, September 09, 2011

Five For Friday

Here's your weekly update on things I have found astounding! (give or take a few):

1.  I'm lovin' me some Twitter right now.  (I did not say Google Plus, Joe.)  No one's on there and I think that's why I love it.  So I can just... be.  A little less Facebook.  No Babymamas.  No overly opinionated people.  No one bitching about this or that.  No one I have to tippy-toe around so as not to hurt feelings.  No one asking me to pray for this or that.  I'm pretty tired of the social game.  Not in a call-the-therapist-she's-wiggin-out way, I just wanna be me and I don't have time for drama, whether it includes me or not.  I don't want to read about it.  I don't want to hear about it.  hmph.

2.  Jesus I am sick of colds.  Each kid had their bout with a cold this week.  That's a lot of snot.  And a lot of coughing.  I've gone through nearly a bottle of honey (coats the kiddos throats, works better than cough syrup... just don't give it to wee babes.  botulism = bad.  duh.)  The kids whipped through it, gained themselves some good germs, worked up a bit of immunities.  The Hubs though.  oooooooh the Hubs.  Please, please get over it.  Ooooooh the hacking.  It always takes him longer.  And while the kids were thrilled to get to eat honey constantly.... he's still moaning.  

3.  I sat straight up in bed last night and realized, "good googly moogly!!! Lola has no clothes!!"  It's finally trending towards fall here and while we'll still have some 80's, I'm not used to buying clothes for the kids.  Not in like, bulk.  Here or there, maybe.  Wait, don't you have 5 kids??  What you talkin' bout??  You see, I was fortunate to have some peeps with boys when I had my boys.  While they would rather die than put their kids in thrift store clothes or hand-me-downs, I said, "yes please!!" and became their own little Good Will.  I don't care. If you think about it, kids grow waay too fast to wear their clothes out.  Especially itty-bitties.  But now I have a girl and no hand-me-downs.  Time to start collectin' from ye ol' thrift sto'.  I couldn't imagine buying clothes brand new when she'll only wear 'em for a bit.  ...neither could my budget.

4.  Home school has been underway this week and going well....  with a few bumps in the road as only crazy children would bring about.  Z is taking on a letter a week and he'll be presenting the fam with "O" cookies this afternoon at snack.  (Did you think 'O face' when I said that??  you dirty dog.)  

5.  I have listened to nothing but Pearl Jam's album "No Code" this week.  I found this little gem hiding in the mini van and couldn't resist.  I forgot how amazing it was.  I remember when I first got it, I didn't really like it that much.  I guess it wasn't "Ten" enough for me.  Ima give you a gift.  You must now watch one of my favorite songs EVA!  It will give you deeper insight into this here blog (maybe, sounded good...)  Around 4:20 or so they fucking kick ass... and this is where my kid asked me to "please turn it down".  I wish I could play the drums.

...or kiss Eddie Vedder.  meow.  

Enjoy.  Happy Weekend.

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