Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Got Balls.

...told ya.

I busted these out for The Sis' birthday.  She requested a post about it...  This puts pressure on me.  hmmm...

Anyway.. I asked the kids what we should make and/or do for her birfday.  I was at a loss and frankly don't feel my brain is at 100% lately.  Coop shouted, "I know!".  He has a way of coming up with crap no one would think of.  Since we were throwin' down at her place Sunday, he suggested we bring sausage balls... 'because she ate all of ours last Christmas!'  I doubt she ate all of ours, but it was funny none the less, so she got a shit-ton for her b-day.  Along with 'V' sugar cookies, since that was Z's letter of the previous week and some homemade doggie cookies for her pup.  I wanted to buy her the windshield wipers she had requested since Christmas, but ASSumed since it had been since Christmas, she surely had them.  Wrong.  So those will be on the way...  I left Sunday with a box of goodies from both The Sis and the bestie, but nothing reciprocated.  I hate that.  Makes me feel terrible. 

So while at the par-tay we all got some much needed social entertainment.  I, being The Mom, always seem to become chief babysitter of all young children at social functions.  My bestie was there too and it's always fun hanging with her... but the other mama of the crowd just let her kid roam free.  Hoppin on people, screamin', running amok.  That's cool... I guess. I feel sorry for the kid.  The mom even left the premises twice without telling anyone where she was going... and why not?  We were all there to watch her kid.  I just wonder why she gives away her power like that... why she wouldn't want to be chief and manager of the kid, more importantly, is it always like this?  A kid needs his mama.  I offered to set up a playdate with the kid... through The Sis...  the kid's behavior may be off the chain, but obviously he needs a little lovin'.

So it was a good day.  The whole weekend right through last night consisted of cookies, doughnuts, cakes, pizza, chicken nuggets and icecream.  Time to get back on track.  It's been junk city lately.  I'm not gonna lie... it's nice to just open a box of nuggets sometimes.  Pop 'em in the oven.  Feed the minions.  Done and done.  Not good for the bods and not good for the wallet though.

And The Sis, it may not be long til you can receive an actual note from the Z.  Here he is, with his V's today.  Still hard at it. 

I'm gonna go get back at it though... this cute picture becomes complete chaos in 0-30 seconds. 

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