Tuesday, November 24, 2015


He fell asleep here.  On his window sill.

Watching the "older boys" play.  They aren't all older.

Shirt backwards and inside out.

He was playing with his pirate ship, perhaps dreaming of being somewhere else.  Somewhere where every one understands.

He never complains.  Never says anything about the running and screaming and giggles from the "older boys" playing in the cul-de-sac.

The cul-de-sac is a dangerous place for Max.  Mom isn't out there.  Mom is home.  And the world can be a scary place.

He plays with his toys.  And he watches the boys.  His day will come.

He's going to show them.

He is amazing.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Continue We Shall.

I will begin blogging here and we will ignore that fact that I have not blogged in a year.

Continue we shall.

Had a girl day today.

We went to the library and Michaels and then a little-person-party.  Do you know what happens to a little girl when you take her out into the big world without the six ridiculously loud boys she is around nearly 24 hours a day?  She gets all whispery and weird and... shy.  "Mom, I think I will be shy today," she said.  We had a great time.  I was not dressed in yoga pants.  Actually sported some mascara and looked like a regular person.  I always feel like a big liar out in public when I have only one kid with me.  As if people would never believe the chaos in which I live.  I am awkward.  I am okay with that.

While on the subject of the girl, I have found this all over the dang house for the last few days:

It is as if a band of short phonics lovin' thugs have come through my home and tagged every writing surface they could find.  Lola began Saxon Phonics just a week ago and around lesson 10 discovered "L-O-G spells log" and can hardly contain herself.  She is eating learnin' stuff faster than I can feed it to her.  It's good.  Awesome.  And tiring.  This word has been on any and every medium she could get her hands on.  It's exciting.  I had really questioned where to start her in the world of school.  I mean, if a kid begs you everyday for school books so she can do school too, you do it, right?  This kid has been eating up Before Five In A Row and Saxon and was upset that today is Saturday.  (Teach needs a break.  Calm it down, Lady.)

Little People School has gone so well that Biggers got in on most of the action.  Lord forbid anything just a hair more interesting than math happen in this house.  Can you say... distracted??

Also, behold this child:

Adorable, right?

Here's a cute one:

I don't know if I'm allowed to call him "cute" however.  He is fourteen and lawdy, thou shalt not embarrass him.

Here's a few:

Also, this one:

That is a small child using my white board markers on every page of his coloring book.  I politely said, "please do not use my white board markers on your coloring book."  And yet, here we are.  There comes a time in your Autism parent life when you think, "White board marker:  $1.00.  Peace in house:  invaluable."

Have you had enough?  I will close now and watch my kid use every ounce of life my marker has left... but the house is quiet.
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