Thursday, April 12, 2012

Damn Weighted Blankets.

First of all, I apologize if you just googled and found me because you too are desperately seeking a damn weighted blanket.  If you are like me and have a hell of a lot more time than money ( seems to be equalizing lately though... not in a good way) you are seeking a way to make this freaking thing.  ...because, 'how hard could it be to make a blanket?'  ...A BLANKET.  argh.

I also apologize to those that just don't give a shit about weighted blankets.  ...And why would you.  I wish I didn't.  I wish I had not become obsessed with the things.  But here is where I stand.  Moving on.

Having a newborn is hard.  It is hella hard.  Not during the day.  I tend to think that's easy-peasy.  Eat.  Sleep.  Poop.  Eat.  Sleep.  Poop.  And the doctors tell you that you should do the same.  It's the night that becomes ridiculous.  I get nauseous just thinking about it.  I hate the feeling of needing sleep, getting 5 great minutes of it and then being awakened.  It makes me literally nauseous.  And it seems all my babies do the same thing:  perfect angels during the day, little devils at night.  I tip toe around the Hubs because of his crazy early schedule and hold these wee babes into the night while silently praying Fox is running a small marathon of Cops.  Otherwise I'll be subjected to nothing but infomercials... hormones will make me cry about the fact we will not give in and pay for cable.  Anyway.  The kids have been good about quickly sleeping through the night... In fact, Lola began respecting my sleep somewhere around five weeks.  Heaven.  The diva still sleeps 8pm - 9am.

It becomes absolutely ridiculous when your NEARLY THREE YEAR OLD begins screaming at least four times a night.  What.  the.  Hell.  A nice mommy would think, 'poor dear' and console him back to sleep patiently... she also poops glitter and keeps an immaculate house (both as unlikely at the Awesome Abode).  This chick stumbles, very much zombie-fied, into the kids room... throws the blanket back on him and trips back to her own bed... unswayed by the legos, stuffed animals and left over pbj's along the way.  My Maximus cries because his blanket has come off.  Every.  Damn.  Night.

Every.  Night.

At first the family trainer (the pack-n-play lady) told me to make up some sort of curriculum during the day to teach Max how to put his own blanket on at night.  This all seemed so unnecessary but necessary considering little Lola can do this herself.  We worked with it... trouble is, once we realized the kid has Sensory Processing Disorder, it became apparent he just simply cannot put the blanket on himself.  The coordination simply isn't there.

Enter the damn weighted blanket.  They are used to calm kids with Sensory Processing Disorder.  Especially those that are affected proprioceptively, as Max is.  Google that shit.  They are worth, like, a million dollars.  Not really... but $100 and $1000000 is roughly the same to me.  I have now been on a mission to make my own.  I have no sewing skills.  I also just learned what a poly pellet is.  (I've also now schooled the peeps at Hobby Lobby and Michaels...leading me to believe no one ever uses these things, really.)  I am not crafty... this should be a humorous adventure that you can now join me on.  Updates to come.

I'd better go.  It's naptime and he's screaming presently...  deep breaths.  deep breaths.


  1. I have been through about 4 sites about weighted blankets (I did a lot of reading after your last post, too, I just was left with more questions than insights) and and I have no idea what they do, let alone how they work. I did find this, but since it was an easy google search, I'm sure you found it too.

    I wish I could do more.

  2. That's really cool of you. I did find the squishypickles blog and she made it pretty easy sounding... maybe... perhaps. It's just the lack-o-talent I seem to be dealing with... oh, and lack of time. But we'll get there... that and the fact that these poly pellets are ridiculously priced. Ima begin this project this weekend hopefully. Thanks for thinking of me! =o)

    1. There's no need to thank me for doing a few google searches. How heavy are these blankets? Put it in terms of xray gowns, since it's probably a common frame of reference.

  3. X-ray gowns. mmm hmm... that would be a common measure.... uh. That gives me an idea. Think I'll just steal one from the office and strap it on him. I'm thinking 8 pounds since he's a little guy and I'm going to make the blanket the size of a crib mattress. I've seen talk of adults having 40 pound blankies... see as how he's around 35lbs himself, 40lbs seems comical and dangerous.

  4. Thx u so much for this post girl...the only word i needed u to say is the f bomb to speak WORD!!! Damn blankets..damn autism...damn how much the younger sibs of these kids get messed up. Im still looking..but DAMN wat a gud truth

  5. Hey there . . I make weighted blankets for my daughter, who is an Occupational Therapist and mainly works with little kids. She also found that they are just to expensive and her "kids" parents couldn't afford them so . . how I got started. I would be more than happy to share my sewing tips with you . . I have been toying with the idea of putting them up on my etsy site . . in any event, you can reach me at . . rule of thumb . . 2 lbs of weights per 20lb of kid . .

  6. I did find this, but since it was an easy google search, I'm sure you ...

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