Saturday, October 10, 2015

Continue We Shall.

I will begin blogging here and we will ignore that fact that I have not blogged in a year.

Continue we shall.

Had a girl day today.

We went to the library and Michaels and then a little-person-party.  Do you know what happens to a little girl when you take her out into the big world without the six ridiculously loud boys she is around nearly 24 hours a day?  She gets all whispery and weird and... shy.  "Mom, I think I will be shy today," she said.  We had a great time.  I was not dressed in yoga pants.  Actually sported some mascara and looked like a regular person.  I always feel like a big liar out in public when I have only one kid with me.  As if people would never believe the chaos in which I live.  I am awkward.  I am okay with that.

While on the subject of the girl, I have found this all over the dang house for the last few days:

It is as if a band of short phonics lovin' thugs have come through my home and tagged every writing surface they could find.  Lola began Saxon Phonics just a week ago and around lesson 10 discovered "L-O-G spells log" and can hardly contain herself.  She is eating learnin' stuff faster than I can feed it to her.  It's good.  Awesome.  And tiring.  This word has been on any and every medium she could get her hands on.  It's exciting.  I had really questioned where to start her in the world of school.  I mean, if a kid begs you everyday for school books so she can do school too, you do it, right?  This kid has been eating up Before Five In A Row and Saxon and was upset that today is Saturday.  (Teach needs a break.  Calm it down, Lady.)

Little People School has gone so well that Biggers got in on most of the action.  Lord forbid anything just a hair more interesting than math happen in this house.  Can you say... distracted??

Also, behold this child:

Adorable, right?

Here's a cute one:

I don't know if I'm allowed to call him "cute" however.  He is fourteen and lawdy, thou shalt not embarrass him.

Here's a few:

Also, this one:

That is a small child using my white board markers on every page of his coloring book.  I politely said, "please do not use my white board markers on your coloring book."  And yet, here we are.  There comes a time in your Autism parent life when you think, "White board marker:  $1.00.  Peace in house:  invaluable."

Have you had enough?  I will close now and watch my kid use every ounce of life my marker has left... but the house is quiet.
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