Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whisper in My Panties?

I am a stat freak when it comes to my blog.  Shame on me, right???  I like to stroke the ol' ego... a lot.  My favorite stat to check is exactly how people have found me... say, via Google.  Muahahaha.

The list always leaves me wondering why the hell my blog came up and if they really got the information they were looking for.  My guess is no... but without further ado...

I would like to officially welcome the following readers who Googled some pretty intelligent things:

"eddie vedder babies mamma"

"funny can't wait to get a vacation"

"woman snatches child and tries 'toeat' it"

"fat person rolling down hill"  - I totally take offense with this one, by the way.

and the winner of the week has just got to be:

"whisper in my panties"

I truly hope you thought this blog was everything you had hoped it would be...  and then some.

***  edited  to say, I can also see Yahoo.  And now you are just messing with my mind.

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