Friday, June 08, 2012

I Still Haven't Graduated.

I sat down the other night to open emails and generally let my brain go, "blaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."  (If you happen to notice me on Facebook every two hours it is because I am reaching melt down and must simply close my bedroom door for five minutes.  There's nothing more therapeutic than reading someone's latest opinion on Glee or how much someone's life sucks or just how it rocks so. damn. hard. know the ones I'm talking about... I digress.)  Anyway. 

I opened my email to find that my Best Buy credit card was about to be closed due to... inactivity??  We're a pretty frugal lot.  I am sure you have assumed this by the shear amount of children I have.  We were pretty dumb with credit a few years back.  Back before 5 kids and a mortgage.  I was dumber before I got married.  I DESERVED certain things, ya know??  People die everyday in third world countries, but I NEED Clinique make-up!  (Damn it.)  I had a come-to-Jesus meeting with myself (the meeting lasted years, actually) and I've learned the finer things in life.  Baby giggles.  Holding hands.  Sunshine on my face.  All free.  I've come out stronger and smarter. 

On to my email. 

Because we've gone rather "Dave Ramsey" with the whole thing, we don't have any credit cards...  except the one lonely Best Buy card.  Taken out when my dryer decided to roll down my drive way in our move to this house.  Used for a washing machine and dryer and never to see the light of day again.  Paid off, done and done.  But wait.  I explained to the Hubs, "Hey.  We need ink." (Do we ever not need ink??  I wish I owned a freaking ink company.) "Why don't I buy it on the card, pay it off and then we can keep a card just for credit score purposes or what not?"  Seemed innocent enough.

The thoughts aren't even completely thought out.  They come in waves.  Like little angels and devils on my shoulders.  I looked at the website.  Wait...?  I get a percentage off because this is a rewards card?  Free shipping.  FREE shipping??  My brain went into slight overload.  The big kids wanted book lights.  Father's Day is coming up.  Mmmm...  lets look at laptops.  What?  WHAT?! 

Shut up!  Shut up!  Shut the hell up.

I quickly ordered the ink and closed the whole damn computer down.

Clearly, I have not graduated.

It's easy to plead frugal-ness until "opportunity" whether real or hazardous presents itself.  Baby just doesn't REALLY need a new pair of shoes until it looks like you may just be able to get them.

It's a process. 


  1. Yay for you! It can be so tempting and get out of hand before you know it aacckkkk.

  2. Thank you! baby steps, right?! =o)

  3. Andrew3:57 PM

    It is my opinion that you did graduate. You saw the things you would like to have, but did not buy because you were mature enough to realize the difference between needs and wants. People who keep their money in check don't lack temptation, they just realize there are more important things in life than instant and temporary gratification. You have willpower. Be proud of yourself.

    1. Thank ya. I think what was scary was how easily I could have gone ape-shit with the thing.

  4. My lender told me it's good to keep one. Use it and pay it in full every month. Helps your credit.

  5. you are strong! Target did this to me a few months back and i went full tilt shopping spree. For what? honestly have no idea but i'll be paying that day off for the next 6 months. stupid target.

    1. Yeah. stupid Target. It's all a conspiracy! =oP I just freaking hate credit cards!


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