Monday, April 30, 2012

Especially When It Looks Like Nothing

So I've heard I shouldn't blog if I'm bored.  Makes for bad reading.  What if I instead said I feel rather bored, yet I am also so damn busy I can't see straight.  I once read a book... well, okay it was pretty I skimmed it... but it was called "What Mothers Do (Especially When It Looks Like Nothing).  In it, the author brought up the fact that while a mom multi-tasks a hundred things at once (it's a hundred, right?!) if she was to answer the phone in the midst of it, she'd probably say, "Oh, I wasn't busy".  WRONG.  The author proved her point much better than I could, but I know exactly where she's coming from.  In a moment I'm going to go work on some first grade math while scrubbing my kitchen floor while the dishwasher's running while the dryer is running while the clothes washer is running while the kids are napping while the casserole is thawing while I'm wondering if I'll freaking know how to sew on Boy Scout badges when the Hubs gets home with them while baking a small human inside my uterus...  (and breathe.)  ...And if you were to call me right now I'd say, "Ah naw... go ahead... I wasn't up to anything."

Anyhoo...I damn near (gasp.) vlogged something today because it's been one of THOSE days.  Ie:  at breakfast the children decide to see if they can hit the same note at the top of their lungs in unison.  I was doing laundry at the time and could only just laugh and thought, "Boy motherhood is a... blessing...?"  And then I thought of you, dear reader, because that shit was funny.

I also caught this today:

This is a picture of two toddlers picking up a gigantic mess they made without being asked.  Now, I know they just like to sing "Clean up, clean up" together, but Ima pretend its a product of good breeding... mmmkay?  But proof my day is not all for naught. 

If you want a random track update, I thought I would add that this kid:

jumped 10 damn feet at district.  He didn't even get first place.  What the what??  What do Olympians jump?  This blows my mind.  I'm going to blame the hormones in food or some other soapbox.  Crazy.

Random skinny picture of me:

They don't come around often and simply must be shared.  I apologize. 

Happy Monday, ya'll.


  1. Scout patches are iron-on I think :)

  2. ...apparently if you pay a little extra. ...and we never pay a little extra.

  3. What a day, huh? Motherhood is full of...everything!

  4. Sometimes for fun I make a mental list of all that I actually do in a day. Then I get tired, and my house still looks as messy as when I woke up. I'm stopping by from the homeschool hop, and I enjoyed your post.

    1. You make that list for fun??? I make it for survival!! =o) Thanks!

  5. I love the random skinny picture. I need to do that.
    I believe it deserves a whole page on my blog. "The skinny picture page."
    I need some place to go and look and remember that I don't ALWAYS look like a lump.

    1. oooh... I like your idea. I may have to throw together one of those... however, having so many babies so close together, I may have just gotten used to looking pregnant. =o/


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