Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Links I Like

Here's some stuff I've been digging and thought I'd pass along...

1.  I freaking love looking at other people's menus.  ...Especially really cheap ones.  This chicky's looked especially tasty... and cheap this week.  I'll be trying the garlic cheese pasta.

2.  I couldn't agree more.  A take on Nazi Breastfeeding Tactics.

3.   If you need Cinco De Mayo worksheets, this is the place to get some simple ones.  I'm thinking we'll be using them whilst I cook up the grub.

4.  sniff.  sniff.  Here's what I didn't count on:  the radio stations around here reminding me of my sadness UNTIL September.  I feel like a bratty kid at Walmart that was dragged down the toy aisle by an idiot parent only to find out I wasn't getting a toy.  This too shall pass.

5.   Oh, I just love this gal.  Plus, she's answered a question I ask myself daily...(or mayhaps confused me more... but made me feel better about it...?) "OH GOOD GOD! Was I just a helicopter parent??  OH NOES!!!"

6.  I enjoy stuff like this.  It helps remind me I'm not crazy.  Too damn hot to play outside all day anyway.  Why not learn??

Check 'em out.  If you've got some snazzy linky links, send 'em my way!

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