Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eff Vacation.

Just like money... vacation in the Awesome Abode is usually welcomed simply because, "Well, thank God we had it!"  We never seem to get ahead, both in the money area and the vacation area.  Anytime we have a bit of moo-lah, something comes along that needs repairing, purchasing or I dunno... removing.  I always think, "Thank you, Lord.  At least we had the means to do what needed to be done."  but we're always back to square one.  Same with vacation.  The Hubs takes off a week and suddenly an emergency trip has to be made to pick up the stepson hundreds of miles away (he's okay) and a million appointments pop up.  I rolled over this morning to find a small decrepit Z trying his best to crack his eyeballs open.  ...Off to the doctor we go to receive our diagnosis of pink eye.  I'm just so excited 'cause that junk spreads like wild fire and I just can't wait to receive mine! 

On the week marches...  appointment to appointment and chore to chore.  You just do what you've gotta do.  I just can't wait til 'vacation' means 'beach' or 'beer' or.... sleep.

Here's the funniest thing I've spotted this week.  I usually say, "I'm puttin' my big-girl panties on", but this has got to be my new favorite saying:

I guess I just can't wait to get back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Sometimes vacation stinks. 

1 comment:

  1. Well, at least I feel a little better about no time or money for a vacation this year.:-)

    Seriously though, sometimes vacation does suck. And pink eye is certainly no picnic either. Good luck with that!!


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