Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's Run Around in Underwear and Drink Coffee

They left me alone.  They freaking left me alone.  How could they do it???  They have trusted me with this:

 MONSTER*.  Clearly.

My Max has aged out of the Babies Can't Wait program.  Part of me is like, "Freaking-A!  I get my house back!  Let's run around in underwear and drink coffee til noon 'cause nobody's gonna be all up in my business!  And why clean anyway!?"  The other part is like, "oh.  dear.  God."

Each individual's sage advice?  The Occupational Therapist, the Speech Therapist, the Family Trainer?  "...go get yourself a good developmental pediatrician and good luck!"  oh, thank you, thank you.  If you're a little lost in the whole scenario, their reasoning is because Max still has a big delay in speech and constant tantrums and... quirks?  Sensory issues.  (Have I Googled 'autism'?  yes.)  At the age of 3, kids are aged out of Babies Can't Wait (an early intervention program in our state for special needs babies and toddlers) and turned over to the school system.

Now I am not a home schooler that 'be hatin' all over the system'... but I will admit I am leery with it.  Well... leery was the word a few weeks ago.  After a group of ten IEP (individual education plan) team members all told me he did not meet the requirements for special needs pre-school based on 'THE TEST WE CONDUCTED ON THIS PARTICULAR DAY' I decided the system was full of shit.  Thank you, system, for classifying my child into a nutshell based on one test on a particular day.  I fought the whole thing and persuaded them to more specific testing.  So there's that.  Fight the man... especially when it comes to your kids... what better reason?? 

Now, if he doesn't make it in the second time I will do a tiny happy dance because life won't be as inconvenient as I imagine it could get trucking 3 home schoolers, a special needs kid and a newborn to school every day.  ...And then I'll sit back and fret about what to do next.  Pray tell... why does insurance commonly NOT pay for speech therapy??

So... that's whats on my mind.  

Namaste.  ...and all that shit.

*Aww, that's no monster. 


  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    "namaste and all that shit" is my new favorite phrase. :-)

    also, i have to post comments as "anonymous" cause my only other id is "Uniform Sales of America" b/c of the blog i'm doing for my parents.

    digging the new blog layout btw

    1. aww, now... what's wrong with the "Uniform" id?? =oP

      I am eternally not satisfied with my layout, but THANKS!!

  2. Wow.. I'm glad the school system with speech gave you issues. We go through the school system here and they've been great with my daughter. I hope you have better luck this time.

  3. OMG, you and I could talk for hours I think. We homeschool, eldest is 12, youngest is 6. Oldest is highly gifted, dyslexic and dysgraphic. Youngest has speech articulation delays. Battle with the school system for IEP for eldest when he decided to take a few classes at the public school. Epic. Battle for the youngest to get speech therapy? Just getting started. Insurance won't cover it unless he falls into the category of physical brain injury/damage. WTF? So, that is a really long way of me saying that I feel your pain. Dig your heels and fight the good fight!! Best of luck with it.:-)

    1. It is always so good to hear from people that understand this horrible speech thing!! Brain injury?? what the what?? Mayhaps I will start telling people I dropped him on his head when he was a baby...?? Good to hear from you! Hope your battle for the youngest comes out on your side! =o)


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