Friday, September 23, 2011

Five For Friday

A re-cap of an amazingly average week:

1.)  The speech therapist came again Thursday.  I'm not impressed.  At minute 20, she declared, "boy thirty minutes goes by fast!" and packed it up and left.  In that 20 minutes, she repeated the words 'cup' and 'more' to my kid umpteen times.  She also read one of our books to him.  I am just really glad because I just never thought to do that myself.  wowee wow.

2.)  Lola's 1st birthday is in just a little over a month.  This is overwhelming to me at the moment.  There's a menu to plan.  Decorations.  Cake.  Invites.  This is all fun.  See as how the Hubs is now a part-time landscaper, my own home is lacking in the outwardly-appearance-department and I really don't see how the whole package could be ready by birthday-time.  This is what is overwhelming.  Some of the things I take for granted seeing everyday probably look pretty um... skanky... from an objective point of view.  (favorite words lately:  skanky and wonky.  love 'em.)  So I guess we need to get to work.  I'm not so sure how tired-out-Hubs is going to feel about all this.

3.)  I saw Contagion Saturday.  This is mind-blowing... the fact I saw a movie.  At the theater.  The last grown up movie I saw at the theater was 'Silent Hill'.  I believe I had one child at the time.  (not with me at the theater, obviously.)  Since then I have seen 'Where the Wild Things Are' with two kids, a Conrad and a Hubs and a partridge in a pear tree.  ...But Contagion was my first date-nite movie since... I dunno... forever.  While it was a decent movie, I preferred my love of germs before seeing the movie.  I like germs.  I put my kids in the church nursery just to get germs.  A few germies now and then build immunities.  Between the 4 kids, we've had one ear infection years ago.  A little germ exposure can actually keep ya healthy, in my humble opinion.  I think all this extra-hand-sanitizing-Lysol-is-making-a-fortune crap may actually hurt us.  That being said, Contagion made me want to bathe in hand sanitizer and pack a really huge emergency kit.  Just.  yuck.

4.)  This lady is back on the coupon train.  Or I'm supposed to be.  Or rather, I tried.  At the end of last week I cut my little coupons and headed out the door to buy a list of 21 items... I came home with 10 bags of Goldfish crackers (see reasoning here).  Everything else had been bought up by the stupid Coupon Ninjas.  Coupon Ninjas are the bitches that get to the store before you, the sane person, and buy up everything possibly on sale with a coupon JUST BECAUSE IT IS THERE.   Does anyone really need 20 boxes of Fiber One Bars??  I would argue NO.  In fact, that just sounds unhealthy.  I did, in fact need 2 boxes of said bars.  This pisses me off.  This is the reason I stopped coupon-ing. I will attempt this insanity again this weekend.  The budget and Hubs says I need to.  I am feeling the puke tickle again.

5.)  I am so very excited and depressed that the new season of TV is here.  While I got a lot more done and a lot more sleep over the summer, I'm glad there is something finally on my freaking basic cable again.  I think I'm in love with New Girl and Zooey Deschanel... but then again, who's not?

Happy weekend, everyone!

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