Friday, September 02, 2011

Five For Friday

Here's five things I have totally dug this week:

1.)  HAVEN.   Check. it. out.  I freaking love this show and think about it throughout the damn week.  Since we don't have the SyFy channel because we are frugal cheap, I have to catch it OnDemand.  It was slow to grow on me.  I hate it though when people are all like, "Wanna hear about the book... show... movie... I'm currently into right now?" and lay it all out there for you, droning on and on and on... So ima just say you need to watch this show, and, Hello! It's based on a Stephen King book.  Need I say more?

2.)  I have been using cheap-o Suave shampoo and my skull has been suffering.  Ya know the Suave commercial where the mom is all whipping her hair around while the narrator is saying something like, "Moms should be able to be beautiful on a budget!"  Wrong.  Sucky.  I finally hung my head and shuffled my feet into the local Target to just pick up my stinky Head and Shoulders.  But what is this!?  It smells girly now!  And my hair, that usually resembles something the texture of hay, is smooooth!  Oh the excitement.  (oh shut up.  It's the little things, ok??)

3.)  Home Skool has started and thank God.  These kids need structure!  When they're all over the place willy-nilly like, I just can't handle it.  So we're back to the grind... which isn't really a grind... we all enjoy it.

4.)  I am soo into the eclass I won from IROCKSOWHAT!  I'm still sorting out what I'm going to do with this here blog, but in the meantime, I am truly loving learning about them.  I think I have a hang of things... there's just 2 things I REALLY wish I could nail down:  1.) a decent camera... I priced Nikons the other day and... yikes.  2.)  banners and buttons!  Because I am using the same computer Jesus used (what?) all the advice about Picnik and shit like that simply ain't gonna work.  Trying to use Picnik makes my skin crawl... takes me back to my folks' basement circa 1995... hearing the weird internet dial tone and finally getting on Prodigy.  Picnik slows my computer down to a turtles pace and makes me a raging bitch when I finally give in after every session.  I AM JUST GOING TO FREAKING PAY SOMEONE TO MAKE MY BANNER.  ...and. breathe.  vent over.  ...I am really into the eclass.  Plus... getting so into my blog and having some sort of hobby outside of changing diapers and sweeping up Cheerios gives me something to reciprocate when the Hubs is going on and on and on and on about Volkswagen Bugs... his hobby.  Ha!  Take that, Hubs!

5.)  It's a holiday weekend!  For a family that has 3 jobs, a holiday is AMAZING.  Besides that, today is payday, so we feel fake-rich for a day.  Woooo.  Hooooo. 

Have a most fabulous weekend!  I will be in my pjs for most of it.  It will be beautiful.

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