Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Should Be Cleaning.

Five questions I'd ask these famous and not so famous people if they were sitting with me in my living room right now:

1.  Abe Lincoln:  You turned out pretty fantastic...heard you were home did your mom, like, order from Rainbow Resource or... some other catalog?  Did she blow her wad (o'cash) at home school conferences?  Did she need the flashiest new curricula?

2.  Sid the Science Kid:  What makes a day so gorgeous?  Is it a different sky?  Lack of clouds?  The temperature?  OMG.

3.  SuperNanny:  Seriously.  It ain't working. Two kids.  One naptime.  One room.  "cuddles and putting 'em down" isn't enough.

4.  Tina Fey:  How'd you get so awesome?

5.  Jack Hanna:  What is up with my guinea pig, Meatball?  I thought they didn't BITE.  When's he gonna come out of his funk?

There's a glimpse inside my head.  I should be cleaning.


  1. Just found your blog when you left a comment on mine (thehmmmschoolingmom). I have never laughed so hard in all my life. You are hilarious! I will be following. :)

  2. I feel pretty hilarious most days! =oP Thanks a bunch!!


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