Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Shooting the Shit

I've become a blog reader.  In fact, pretty obsessively.  A lot of the homeschoolin' bloggers began school today.  They are in fine moods, it seems.

Good for them.

My day began late.  This was my first mistake.  I always "Wake Up With Chesley"! at 4:30.  ...Only to close my eyes again and say to myself, "this is just for a second.  Ima just relax my eyes and then I'll get up."  To be followed by, "What the hell was I going to do so early anyway??".

Circa 8:00 I wake up in a panic because I did, in fact, have a lot of shit to do.  This morning in particular I needed to make yogurt, Z worksheets (for Z, not of Z), and I dunno, a million things.  It is like being shot out of a cannon, our mornings.  Everybody wants breakfast and they freakin want it now.  That's pretty much the attitude that prevailed most of the morning.  I promptly sat breakfast in front of these heathens, made coffee and checked my Facebook to check out for a minute.  Oh good, Babymama wants Babydaddy to give her a call.  Hmm...  why, THAT was EXACTLY the first human interaction I wanted to have today.  What happened to picking up the phone??  bizarre.  thank you for posting this prominently on my wall.  I go to hotmail.  Oh good, the estimate for our falling retaining wall is in.  $3000.00!?!  ha. ha. ha.  I laugh at that like it's a million dollars.  It's all about the same.  Whateva.  I hang my head and shuffle upstairs to teach the "children".  monsters.  I've always wondered, do teachers have the same problem with 30 kids on Monday?  If they do, bless 'em... cause this is nuts.  It seems my kids forget all rules and try me from every angle on Mondays (...or Tuesdays posing as Mondays, that is.)  The Hubs calls...  since he is with grownups, drinking coffee, shooting the shit and "working" he has looked up houses for The Bro online.  He wants to tell me about them.  In the background the kids are still screeching and Coop is taking a spelling pre-test.  Why does the Hubs keep going???  ... and I'm beginning to feel bad for our guinea pig, Meatball.  That little rodent may never get used to us.  Beneath all this noise, a droning that I can't ignore, but have to: our newest Tourette tic.  humming. 

But we're here at naptime now.  All will be well again!  Relax, refresh, renew!  But what. the. hell.  I have to go to work now.  Like, get dressed.  Look decent.  And... massage someone???  How does one know when they are burned out by massaging?  When they can't understand why the client is coming in to be massaged by them instead of the other freaking way around. 

So I don't know if this is being bitchy or tired or spot on or ridiculous.  I work on Tuesdays for about 3 hours.  That's it.  No more.  Thing is, I'm a lot busier at home and I have a lot more to do.  Going to work for 3 hours a week has become a lot more inconvenient than working normal part time hours.  Besides the inconvenience of it all, I'm mustering up a "relaxing attitude".  It seems impossible at the moment.  And crazy, really.  Chances are, I will get out and about and feel much better.  It's the getting out that's hard to do.

So, I hope you don't mind a vent.  Feels better, anyway.  Could be the weather too... all dreary.  Hope your day-after-the-holiday is going much better.  Mine will be... just gotta make it happen.

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