Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hot Mess/Hotness

I got on Snapfish today to check out their one cent deal on 4x6 prints.  I got hella excited about the whole thing.  Delirious Rhapsody had been talking about it over on her blog and posted the coupon code.  I sat down while the kids were eating lunch and began my journey.  I don't have a lot of extra time in my day, but by damn, I'll take the time for that!  I have easily 2000 pictures I need to have printed.  500 printed pics would put a sizable dent in that!  The Adobe reader thingy crashed like three times or so, but that wasn't stopping me, oh no sir!  So... ooooh.... 2 hours later, give or take, I went to my ol' shopping cart.

Sho 'nuf.  It would cost me $5.00 to have 'em printed.  $25.00 to ship them?!  What.  The.  Eff?  I am pissed.  I want my damn pictures.  ...But I'm not paying that to have them shipped.  Whatever happened to media mail??  I could buy something pretty bulky from Amazon for that price, couldn't I?  I'm more pissed that I lost valuable time to myself today.


I found another disk that needs to be printed.  What the hell.  This one has pics of the six year old as a wee babe.  First birthday and crap like that.  I don't wanna sound old (as I feel), but I think it may have been much easier when I had to go get my pictures "developed".  There was this element of surprise because you couldn't see them before hand.  I'd rush my little canister of film off to the ol' Walmart electronics department so they could be sent off... and I just couldn't wait 'til they were "in".  Now these pictures just camp out on my camera for what may literally be forever.

Anyhoo... I found some oldies by goodies and thought I might share.

I find the 2 above pictures to be amazing.  My hair is like, trimmed and shit.  Neat.  Orderly.  Highlighted.  Money was spent on it!  Crazy.  Now this shit just grows.  Seems frivolous to keep a "do".  I also like that whatever The Bro and I are laughing at must be hilarious.  I really wonder what it was??  May be the ONE kid I have with me.  That's what's so funny about the 2nd one.  What a small family!

Easter time.  Our church always uses the same Easter Bunny get-up.  Creepy.  Anyway... it was just 5 and a half years ago, but it seems like an eternity.  And I feel like I look so different now.  ...The fact that I now deal (or don't deal at all with, actually) gray hairs depresses me.

These babies are 10 and 6 now.  They have full on attitudes and personalities.  Just bizarre how time flies.

When Coop was done with his first birthday cake, he needed a full on soaking.  Above he's with his Nana, who ooh'ed and ahh'ed over him every chance she got.

I added these for sex appeal.  Meow, baby.  I know exactly what you're thinking... those jammies are fucking H.O.T.!  I can't explain it, I just oooooze the hot mess hotness.

Happy Hump Day, peeps.  ...and if you're thinking, "damn, I would just love to buy her a present!" I'd totally accept gift cards for picture printing...

I'm just sayin.

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