Friday, September 16, 2011

Five For Friday

A review of... things... over the past week:

1.  My Lola kisses back now.  She says, "woof, woof" for 'doggie'.  She hugs.  She's beginning to pull up on things.  She crawls on all fours instead of army-crawlin' it.  OMG.  She's a KID.  Where'd her baby-dom go?  It's done.  Over.  This kid turns one next month.  I just freaking came home from the hospital yesterday... didn't I?  damn.

2.  I found non-brand name Swiffer pads at Target and they are the shit.  Same price as Swiffer, but more in the box.  I was psyched until I did all the math.  Box of pads per month:  $6 - $7 times 12 months a year:  $84 PER YEAR?!  W. T. F. ?!  On Swiffer pads??????  I thought the Shark steam mop I wanted was 'expensive'!  Dammit.  Foiled again.  I did however pick up Target brand laundry softener... and omg, divine.

Does this all seem boring to you???  I'm tired.  This week has been a freakin doozy.  Work with me here.

3.  My mom and I were joking yesterday that if either of us figure out what it feels like to 'have a nervous breakdown' we should share with the other one.  I've always heard [in a whispered weird way] something to the effect of, "well, you know, she (whoever) had a nervous breakdown" and never really knew what that meant.  Like, how do ya know, ya know?  May have figured out what that all means last night.  heh.  heh.  heh.  The Awesome needs to remember how to prioritize.  Years ago, and pardon et moi, my favorite saying was always, "fuck a bunch of that!"  Ima bring that one back and use it often.  But hey, said minor freakout bought me a night out with a kick-ass girlfriend tonight and a date with the Hubs tomorrow.  Saaaay whaaaaat what??  I'm already feeling mucho better.

4.  Weeks ago I was in line at Target with just a box of diapers when the checkout girl leans in and says something to the effect of, "ya know... diapers are much cheaper on Amazon and you don't pay shipping."  The Bro emails me today and says the same thing.  Since today's payday and we're temporarily rich, I hopped on Amazon and checked it all out.  I have-ta say.  DAMNIT.  Why didn't I do this sooner!?  I subscribed to get a box of Luvs diapers once a month.  204 diapers.  $0.13 EACH.  ($26.59)  Soooooooo much cheaper than Publix or Target brand which I could only get down to say, $0.20 each.  score.

5.  I continue to love blogging, but I'm working on getting my readership up.  I always check stats like some sort of freaky freak.  ...And I just have to say... thank you.  To my guinea pig, Meatball.  ha.  Because some douche bag (and I mean that in the politest way... sorta) was looking up 'Meatball Mashup' which supposedly has something to do with Jersey Shore (and why I assume they are, in fact, a douche bag).  Instead they got my blog about Meatball when they Googled, apparently.  Gives me a little giggle.

Happy Weekend, Ya'll.  May you have gorgeous weather and come back to Monday refreshed.  This is my goal and mantra... 

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