Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Willy Nilly

Well... here we are.  On the other side of the X  My kid has Tourette Syndrome.
Now, can we just stop talking about it?!  gah. 

I feel mucho better now that it's been diagnosed.  I can't explain why, really.  I guess because we know it's there, it's not our imagination and from here we'll just deal with it... or not... really nothing to deal with.  To any stranger it just looks like the boy has an eternal cold.  Thing is, actually pointing it out makes all his tics happen more often because they've been brought to his attention.  So really, nothing's changed. 

I really think God has a pretty sick sense of humor (if you're now singing Depeche Mode, you rock.).  I've never liked to call attention to myself.  Not in a big way.  I like to be mellow and just chill.  I don't need to be in front of people or the center of attention.  For example... I hate giving gifts to people, physically.  I love making things or getting something special for someone, but the act of giving it to them and the whole, "OH! I love it!  How did you know!?" ... I can't stand that.  Make sense?  I don't like being put on the spot.  So selfishly, I think... "gee.  God.  HI-larious.  A kid with Tourette's."  We'll be drawing attention to ourselves all over the place.  This is a hurdle Ima need to get over.  But it's different with your kid too...  you'd do anything, it'll just flow.  I'm just trying to decide if/when the tics get worse, will my attitude be to educate or tell people to fuck off?  Really just my mood, I suppose.  I guess I'll allow most people one chance to say, (read it in a hick voice, it'd be funnier), "So... he says cuss words all willy nilly?"  I will educate at that point... but from there, don't ever say it again.  umkaythanks.

So now, in a few minutes I have to psych myself up for working out.  It would seem I don't have the time... but I really don't have the time not to.  I figure if things are all going to be hectic, busy, nuts for a while, I might as well be... well.  I'm definitely looking for a way to have more energy.  Oh, and before I forget... the Hubs was diagnosed with gout yesterday!!  He keeps moaning that he feels so old... as he should, really.  He is now on a "low purine diet".  So when preparing a menu for the week, I have to factor in:  a VERY low budget, a kid who can't eat wheat, "low purine", unprocessed foods, and above all HEALTHY!  I wish I could delegate this terrible job to someone else.  It really is ridiculous.  Don't get me wrong, I love to cook... but so many factors kinda take the love out. 


Look at this face:'s all worth it.

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