Monday, August 08, 2011

High Falootin

I know I have a lot of dedicated readers out there (this is called the art of positive on to learn more... the bullshit will just keep rolling) that depend on my blog as they do their very own lives!  So I must write SOMETHING everyday.  Right?  Right???  Right! 

Wow.  Today was totally amazing exciting something boring.  Well, not boring... I got a lot done.  Since we are pioneers of sorts, all pretending we couldn't walk to the store from where we live, I made:  yogurt, laundry detergent, chicken broth and cooked a chicken.  If you aren't making your own laundry detergent by now, it really is sad... unless you're one of those high falootin' types all rockin' the high density washers and shit.  Not I!  I cook this crap up by the 5 gallon bucket.  Leaves the house smellin' so very clean. Don't have the recipe, but want to be as cool as I obviously am??  Go to Eatin'.

Warn the newspapers!  Get ready for a serious news flash!  I tweeted my first little tweet today.  There may be hope for me yet with the whole technology thing...  Ima little leery of the whole social networking thing though.  I think it's awfully swell that I can keep up with the best friend I had when I was six, or stalk an ex-boyfriend on a whim, but I just can't be myself when I've friended both my religious education coordinator from church AND people I've met while drinking or various other forms of entertainment.  So it leads me to just be a neutral, boring, just-who-you'd-expect-me-to-be person.  Ick.  Let's just keep this blog a secret between you and me, umkay?? thanks.

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