Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stop Bitching. Start a Revolution.

Forgive me as I rant for a moment.  You see, as a stay-at-home mom most many all days are spent here with my kids.  I do enjoy it, but there are times, say, when all four cry at once and to prevent myself from crying as well, I'll hop on Facebook.  For 5 minutes here or there I'll look at other people's pictures and get to veg while staring at ridiculous statuses.

Here's what pisses me off.  Let's have some etiquette, people.  I realize everybody needs to bitch here and there.  God knows while I was working everyday (and if you know where I worked, you know there was plenty to bitch about) I'd get on and vent every so often.  But no body likes a party pooper.  ...that person that bitches every. single. time. anything comes out of their face (or keyboard).  I get it.  Work sucks.  Your spouse sucks.  The kids suck.  Your body sucks.  Your freaking pet sucks.  I have a pretty revolutionary idea for ya...  try, just once...  saying something positive.  Sneak it in there on the sly.  Try it out.  It may just change everything.

As a fellow things-can-suck-pretty-regularly gal, I have to say that EVERYONE has SOMETHING positive to say.  Did you eat today?  BAM! positive.  Did you sleep in a bed? BOOM! positive.  Was there a roof over it? There ya go.  Does someone, anyone love you? you get the drift.  Happiness isn't in money and it sure as hell (unless you're lucky or you've planned right) doesn't often come from a job.  It certainly doesn't just happen to you.  Mayhaps you need to look for it.

Seriously give it a try.  Think of the positives, blessings, good things... whatever you want to call them... in your life.  Often, when you think of one... you'll just keep coming up with more.

...And besides...  if Facebook is going to be one of my few social outlets... lets make this a positive thing for ME.  

I'm just saying.

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