Friday, August 05, 2011

...A-te Ape-ples and Ba-Nay-Nays

I've spent the day making stuff...  generally out of stuff that was going to go bad.  Banana bread out of, like seven squishy ba-nay-nays, for instance.  And also this:
Kale "Chips".  Yes.  It did go over as you expect.  
I'm crushed.  This shit cost 60 cents or so and if it had worked out, Ida been a kale chip making fiend.  To note, I myself tried to pretend to like it and after 10 bites or so, thought I may puke kale chips.  If you're pretentious enough to think either yourself or your little crunchy children may like such a thing, see:  Eatin'.

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