Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm Sorry. I Can't Hear You.

Oh!  We're almost there!  It's almost time!!!  NAP TIME!  This has been renamed "Siesta Time" around the hizzy.  This is because I do not care if these kids are 18... between the hours of 12:30ish to 3:30ish Ima need a little space.  We home school.  This means we are together 24/7, and this is great... and all those mushy squishy good mommies would say this is just so wonderful... and it is... but gimme a break.  Seriously.  So Siesta Time means the youngest sleep fo' sho', while the 3 and 5 year olds play in their room or read or do puzzles quietly.  It's pretty amazing as far as amazing goes.  The mommies that don't put their kids down are really missing something, I think anyway...  I've had moms ask, "How do you get your kid to take a nap?"  Read carefully, it's tricky:  I put them in their room.  I say night-night.  I close the door.  Done and done.  

Now... something I have newly discovered about myself... on this quest called life...  I freaking love exercise lately.  Although sometimes I can feel a pang of guilt or two because our kid bath may resemble something like a gas station bathroom or outhouse, it is amazing to take 20-30 minutes to myself.  The beauty of the whole thing, really, is my Sony Walkman.  (What the hell?? Did she just say Sony Walkman? Shut the front door.)  To make this even more hilarious, my music of choice right now is Madonna's "Ray of Light"... it has a good beat.  Walkman or no, the best part is that when a little person dares ask me a single thing during this immaculate 20 minutes, I can point to my earphones, shrug my shoulders and say, "I'm sorry.  I can't hear you.  Go to bed." 

With this and a quick shower I'm ready for the insanity that ensues always, everyday at 3:30...ish.

Anyway, I got all Martha Stewart and made homemade bread for the kiddos this morning... up before the sun, slaving in the kitchen.  

(I totally ran out of bread last night.  Threw some crap together.  Threw it in the bread maker.  Voila!  4 hours later, bread.  I find the ol' bread maker to be nothing short of amazing.)  

Happy Friday.

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