Monday, August 22, 2011

More Kix

So, last week as we were coming home from (dun...dun...duuuuuuun...) The Tourettes Appointment...  I whispered to the Hubs in the car, "maybe we should take him [Coopster] out for an icecream.  Ya know, talk to him about Tourette's and what is going on."  The Hub's point of view was that if the kid already tics more when we talk about it, why bug him more and bring it up?  He knows he tics, we know he tics, lets just leave it alone, the Hubs said.  I could see both sides easily and decided what I needed was a big fat Coca-Cola and a think anyway.  So...  we proceeded to get snacks and head home... it was any other day.  ...Except maybe calmer?  After all, we had our diagnosis.  No more worrying, no more wondering... just proceeding.  That's what I like.

Saturday I was folding our never-ending-laundry-mountain and Coop got to sniffing CONSTANTLY.  And when I say constantly, I don't mean it casually.  at all.  It's one of his most prevalent tics.  So I just mentioned, "boy, you've got the sniffles today".  He just said, "yup" and continued eating his Kix.  I keep folding.  Out of no where Coop quietly asks, "Mommy, is it normal to sniff like this?"  I was kind of glad he asked.  The conversation had such a nice, normal flow to it... no pomp and circumstance.  "No, it's not, Coop."  I said.  "But it is normal for you so it's perfectly okay.  You have Tourette's Syndrome and that's why we've been going to the doctors.  I want you to know that when you're here at home you can sniff all you want." Such a moment.

It's followed by, "Can I have more Kix?"  

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