Sunday, August 14, 2011


The kids and the Hubs are upstairs watching The Little Rascals movie and laughing like banshees.  ...Needless to say, I snuck out. 

Yesterday was the Hubs' Birthday! 

 (Let's just never mind the trashed up kitchen in the background... and just by the way... these peanut butter cupcakes with homemade chocolate icing were THE Shiz...  I digress.)

And something cray-zay went down last night.  I got out of the house!  Again!  (Twice?!  In two weeks?!  madness.)  This time we went for drinks with the Hubs' BFF and his wife.  We tried out a local Irish pub first.  Thinking I'd heard sooo much about it, I expected it to be hip-happenin'.  Turned out to be pretty quiet and really just so-so... we livened it up with good conversation and had a terrific time ourselves talking about how old we are.  BFF noticed that while looking for a drinky-drink on the ol' menu, what he really wanted was an Irish coffee and so the jokes went on all night.  Yep, we're old.  I suggested another bar after a time, another that I had thought I'd heard so much about.  My ulterior motive was to maybe sneak a peak at some old pals still living it up, drinking and partying and being all... not parents.

Instead what we found was our sad little city was nothing to speak of at night.  Nothing going on.  The few people we did see that we knew just looked... sad.  I guess you're in a good place when you look forward to getting out and at the end of the night, look forward to getting back.  Being at home with the kids so often, I guess I just assume "the grass is always greener" or at least a little more exciting elsewhere.  It's comforting to see everybody's really just doing their thing and I really actually enjoy just doing my (one million multi-tasked) thing. 

As for the Hubs, he was lit... which probably makes for a better time for his audience than himself.  It's always pretty hilarious. 

Another pretty exciting thing is that I took two naps this weekend.  (What? that's not exciting????  be me.  it is.)  I am refreshed, people!  Good thing too...  ye ol' neurologist appointment is Tuesday.  ...I take a deep breath as I mention this.  It has me freaked out.  Will it change anything?  no.  So what does it matter??  Really.  We'll tackle it head on, together.  All of us.  But damn, what a hard road to tow.  One moment I day dream about telling anyone that makes fun of him to go to hell and punching them in the face, the next minute I want to cry.  (I may have a touch of emotional instability.... may.)  Best to just go to the appointment and not worry, I know.  Just such a bizarre head space.  hmph.

So, happy weekend to everyone and happy Monday.  I also wish you a very happy, yet boring Tuesday.   

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