Thursday, August 04, 2011


Short blog today.  Woo!  Hoo!  Allow me to show you why:

This mess still awaits me upstairs... where 2 more of them are currently trashing the place eating.  So I'm thinking, why bother.  Ima tired lady.  I need to clean up the bathroom 4 boys share.  Well 3, currently.  Gross.  Every inch of the humble abode needs to be vacuumed, swept, mopped or some combo.  The Hubs makes fun of me when he comes home and I quickly run down the list of everything I've done during the day.  Hubs is a very easy going guy who frankly doesn't care what I did during the day.  Not in a mean way, just in a We-Have-Four-Kids-Living-Here-So-You-MUST-Have-Been-Busy sort of way.  Yet, when he walks in at 9pm and a little bit of lunch is still under the highchairs... its a little nerve wracking.  There are days where I think I may just get that "Sister Wives" show.  More hands, light work kind of thing??  (Ew.) 

On the Maybe-It's-Tourette's-Maybe-It's-Just-Anxiety front, there's just a whole buncha nothing.  No call from ye ol' neurologist.  I know that it typically works that way - all on their time, but JESUS!!!!  Freaking call already.  


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