Thursday, August 11, 2011


This is the view out of my front door at the present time:

Awesome, eh?  Gorgeous and breathtaking all at the same time!  When the Hubs comes home, first thing he will say is, and I quote:  "What the hell?"  I will try to explain it in a crunchily manner, "Why, the sun has excellent anti-bacterial properties!  These diapers will smell so sun-fresh!"  Truth is I am sick of running my dryer every single damn day for a few diapers and butt wipes.  As for the butt wipes, when they came out of the washer today and I was hanging each little moist square just-so on my tiny little drying rack, my brain finally said, "huzzahhhhhhhhhh!  You are just going to stick these stupid little things in a wipes box with soapy water anyway!"  Ugh.  This happens all the time, some idea pops in my head to switch up something I've been doing for the longest...  my brain's way of being sure I never grow too big for my britches and reminding me I can be a dumbass.  Yay!  Anyway, I'm sure my brand new neighbors next door are very excited to be living a few feet away from a house that could become all Sanford and Son at any second.  (We aren't that bad.  ...but we could be.)

Switching gears only slightly...  When I was first trying to figure out the whole cloth diaper thing for our 9 month Lola, she was in utero.  Never at one time do I ever have the million in throw away bucks that some websites would have you believe you need to buy a whole load of the cloth diapers they would also have you believe you need.  (that sentence confuses me too.)  Here's what I'm saying:  when you have a baby you do not need 20 all-in-one diapers.  This is also something my brain told me one night while piddling on  All-in-one diapers are complete.  Put 'em on the baby's bum just as they are, take 'em off when dirty, throw 'em in the wash.  That's all fine and good, but I've got more time than money.  Suddenly it occurred to me that the old fold-em-ups did a fine job since, I dunno, the dawn of time.  I bought enough diapers and enough Thirsties Covers to survive and do laundry nearly every other day.  Cost me about $100 including Amazon shipping charges. My kid hasn't leaked yet.  The only thing I regret is the fact I didn't do this starting with my first kid.  Oh, the money I've wasted.

I think something else that deters a lot of people, is the idea you have to be some sort of amazing crunchy granola mom that lives for all things environmental.  I've seen blogs titled something like, "Adventures in Cloth Diapering" or "All Things Cloth Diapering" or "I Love Talking About My Kids' Poop On A Constant Basis" ...something like that, anyway.  It just doesn't have to be so amazing.  You have to do laundry.  Do a load of diapers every now and then.  I didn't do it for a life change or to reach nirvana.  I didn't even do it for the environment.  I'm just sick of paying so much money to literally throw away shit.  Period.  

Anyway, that's my two cents on cloth diapering.  Just do it.  I don't think you'd be sorry you did.  I'm not, especially since I realized today I am not too proud to just hang 'em up to dry out my front door.  Save what's left over for all the food your little ankle biter consumes to make the poop. 

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