Monday, October 31, 2011

you-can't-see-my-trashed-house-and-this-party-feels-awesome high

My brain is in perpetual blog mode.  (It's okay if you just said, 'man, that's sad.' to yourself.  I'm okay with it)  I'm constantly writing a new entry in my head.  It's just that... circa 10am I'm beat and just not feeling wordy or... type-y.  Anyhoo... last night I went to bed thinking, 'Damn! This was just one of my happiest days ever!  Ima blog about it!' and then....  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Yesterday we had Lola's first birthday party.  I just think I stumbled on one of the greatest ideas known to man.  (Forget the wheel or computers...)  Once I took one step onto the pavilion the Hubs and I rented, I told him 'I don't know how this is going to go, but I'll tell ya from here I'll never have another party at the house.'  It was just gorgeous... it overlooked the fall colors and a little lake.  And while I looked at all the gorgeous-ness I knew that in the cooking and baking process I had trashed our house beyond oblivion, but no one else would see it...  bwah ha ha ha!  (evil laugh.) 

As each friend walked up I just wanted to pinch their cute cheeks and say, 'thank you!  thank you!'  Maybe I was on some weird you-can't-see-my-trashed-house-and-this-party-feels-awesome high, but each individual who was there was just so important to me and I was genuinely glad they had come.  It was good to be with my gals and talk and mingle and be in the fresh air.  All the food came out tasty (except the pumpkin seeds as my Sica pointed out...) and I was just really proud of our little moment.

Wouldn't you like to see pictures of the whole thing??  Me too!!  I'm dyin over here.  My bud took pictures of the whole thing and I've yet to see 'em!  I'm freaking out.  I want them!  We all have proof here that I do not take good pictures.  You can blame my lack o'talent, but ima blame my bad camera, mmkay?  Anyway, the bud is a professional picture-taker and just the few pics he showed me blew me away.  I'll share 'em with you peeps just as soon as I can.  Oh, I get giddy just thinking of them!

So today is back to 'normal'... minus the fact that the Hubs decided to take a flying leap down our stairs yesterday while lugging a cooler.  I am pretty awkward during serious moments.  For some reason I kept picturing an Alvin and the Chipmunks from my childhood where Dave fell down the stairs because of a toy (our culprit? ...a tiny car).  I wanted to giggle while he was writhing in agony... glad I kept that to myself.  He's at the chiropractor presently and will probably be sore for the next few days.  Always something, right?  The house is still a bit trashy, but I'm feeling energized just from being around people and socializing yesterday (that sounds really sad too...).  It's all coming around, but I want to just marinate in the holiday a little longer. 

If you're following the whole lets-count-calories! thing...  I have waaay too many cookies in the house this week and Ima pop em like potato chips.  so...  well, I'll get there.

Happy Halloween!

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