Saturday, October 01, 2011

Five for Friday... On Saturday

Memoirs of a most astounding, amazing, good, blah, tiring, shitty, average week: 

1.  Suck it September.  Welcome back, October.  I am so freaking glad to see September go.  I am pleased I made it out alive.  The Hubs and I have been dealing with such mundane nonsense lately we literally can't see straight.  So damn stressed out.  I can't even pinpoint why it's been such a mess lately...  It's easier to point out what's not a mess...  hmmm... thinking...

still thinking.


well... we're alive...  yeaaaah, yeahhh, I..... I'm still alive... woahhhhh.  (joke.  get it?  no?  you don't know me then.)  Ima bitch slap October again and again until it bows down and worships me.  Its my month.  I'm sick of being stressed out.  I'm not doing it anymore.  Take that.

2.  If you know me, I have preached to you about the library.  (this is not an apology.)  I find the library to be effing AMAZING.  I don't hide the fact that we are not rich people.  I have found the library's many uses through being resourceful and realizing I just can't buy all the books I want.  (mmmmmm.... the smell of a brand new book!  aaaah.)  Get this peeps.  In Georgia at least, you can order up ANY.  ANY.  ANY book you can think of through the Georgia PINES Catalog.  So say, the Walking Dead series the Hubs and I have been bugging everyone we know about...  suddenly I realized, duh!  I'll look it up.  Yes, I have been ordering Zombie comic books from our local library.  I also order any ol' book an author can dream up to suggest in Coop's homeschool curricula.  It's amazing really.  In fact, I always go through the Sunday paper and look up the best sellers... see what looks good... bam.  order it up.  Now in this age of download-it-its-there, it can be slow,  but I'm a (somewhat) patient person.  Our local library's story times are amazing and Coop's even going to read to a therapy dog today.  Amazing, I tell ya.  ...stepping off soap box.

Seriously, go show your local library some love.  They need it in this economy more than ever.

3.  Z has begun saying, "Ok everybody, don't panic.  Whatever you do, don't panic".  I don't where he got it from, but it's hilarious.  He also screams, "YOU'RE FREAKING ME OUT!" whenever his brothers mess with him.  I laugh at this too which does not help the situation.

4.  Yesterday I looked up at our shower caddy while washing my hair and noticed that the shampoo bottle said on the back of it, "you can save x gallons of water and $150 per year by turning off the water while washing your hair".  WHAT?  Eff you, shampoo.  I have so few little things I do for fun or pleasure.  You are not freaking taking away my long hot shower too.  Eat brown rice, not white.  Exercise 30 minutes a day.  Don't use chemicals, use all-natural cleaning supplies.  Disposable diapers are bad for the environment.  Recycle.  Eat a million servings of fruits and veggies a day.  Et tu, shampoo?  Shut up.

5.  People have asked lately how Coop's doing... with... ya know... Tourette's.  Fine, thank you.  We seem to be in a slow period.  Nothing really going on, lately.  My own little experiment is seeing what changes when the step-bro visits soon.  Changes in his little world like that sometimes bring on a bit of anxiety and we may get a little tic-y.  We shall see.  But we're doing good.

Happy Weekend, ya'll.  Ima go clean out my grocery-getter.  Gorgeous outside!

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