Friday, October 14, 2011

Five For Friday

 The summarization of a  ho-hum Awesome week:

1.  Project House Overhaul is on like Donkey Kong.  sorta.  As much as possible?  Here's the plan.  I start in my bedroom.  I started in the corner nearest *MY* side of the bed.  (heh.  selfishness.)  Anyhoo... Ima spend 15 minutes a day in there just freaking plugging away.  By the time I get to the closet I will be enlisting The Hubs help.  If you know my Hubs, you know he is a packrat.  (Can I get an AMEN!?)  So, the childish part of me says "I am not doing that shit alone."  The day it is all clean will be a glorious day...  then on day two of glorious-ness I will start the garage or some pipe dream like that.  But I can see light at the end of this Hoarders episode tunnel.  Oh, yes.

2.  Speaking of unorganized messy ridiculousness... know the best way to get around showing the ones you love how badly your house needs some lovin?  Have your daughter's first birthday at the park!  I think its going to be the best yet... Lemme tell ya, I have never been so excited for a party.  All the fun planning without the worry of making the house look perfect... or as perfect as possible.  Thirty bucks gets you a great pavilion at the nicest park I've seen in our area for awhile.  I can't express my psych-ed-ness.  Truthfully, I wish more of my family was around to enjoy the awesome bash. 

3.  Speaking of unorganized messy ridiculousness AND my kid's first birthday...  a good friend of mine the other day offered to help me get ready for said party.  Even said she'd help me clean my house.  What... Whaaaaat?!  People don't say things like this to me often. This is the stuff that makes the world go 'round, I think.  It was just so nice and I probably think of it once a day.  No, I would not in a million years have actually made her do it, but its the offering that I think is just freaking amazing.  I think I'm finally getting a good group of gal-pals.  (You get pregnant for 5 years and see how your social life goes...)

4.  I've seen a lot of blogs this week where people were questioning what to do when you're feeling "out of it" towards homeschooling or what to do when your kids won't listen and things like this.  No one had any answers.  I need them.  Thanks.

5.  Haven is back, bitches.  ...if you care.  SyFy ordered up 13 more episodes.  Yes, this does make me sad that it turned into a big deal for me.  I've been watching Twitter like a hawk.  No, none of this makes me cool in any way, shape or form.

Have a kick-ass weekend.  I'll just be over here working on my mess.  Toodles.

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