Monday, October 24, 2011

Fatty McFat Fat

The only way for me to get anything done on a permanent basis is to take it step by step.  For instance...  say, my weight makes me want to puke...  well, not my weight per se, but this amazing baby pouch that does not flatter jeans... or yoga pants, or shirts, or sweaters, or sweatshirts, or skirts, or cargo pants, or... 

So, knowing myself and the budget we're on and the fact that the kids won't sit around and eat salads with me and just a million other details that factor into anything I do... I've decided to change things (broad, but we're speaking broadly) one step at a time.  About three weeks ago, suffering from daily headaches, I decided to take caffeine out of my diet.  Yes, you are right, you normally get headaches when you are used to having caffeine...  I had been drinking A LOT of it though.  (No, I still had the very occasional Coke... are you crazy??)  The headaches went away a bit, but I also chalked it up to hormones and girlie things.  Anyway, it got me thinking... why don't I improve my world one weird thing at a time on a weekly basis?  But minus pressure...  I didn't want to proclaim, "I AM ON A DIET!" only to feel like crap once it didn't work out.  The following week I began drinking more water.  Guess what... headaches subsided.  Mayhaps I had just been dehydrated...  which makes me feel like a dumbass.  Last week I decided to get back on to

I had been counting calories there for a few months and guess what... it worked!  duh.  But this is where all the factors come into play.  On our budget, we handmake a lot of stuff.  (I say we.  Isn't that cute?  It's not we.)  So instead of plugging "bread" into the calorie counter, I've gotta plug in the whole damn recipe.  That sucks.  BUT, isn't it worth it??  I truly believe in "calories in, calories out".  It's all just science and math.  I've got one life and I would rather not live it fat-ly.  thank you. 

So it's one more thing.  I'm not gonna complain about it though. Yesterday, on our Sunday that I brag about where we don't do anything and just relax, I found myself bouncing off the walls with nothing to do.  I made raisin bread.  (it was freaking kick ass.  if I could give you a sample through the computer, I totally would.)  Anyway, what I mean is, I think I'd die if I had nothing to do... it would feel too weird.  So, I'll plug calories into the computer and envision myself in a bikini by June.  (Who am I kidding... moms of 4 don't necessarily obtain bikini bodies...  even I shudder to think...)

So, in case for some reason you are fascinated by all of this, I think I'm going to give myself another week getting used to keeping up with calories.  Next week:  working out again.  Egads.


  1. Duuuuude! You rock! This sounds a lot like how I've been approaching life, sans giving up coffee...I'm not *that* radical. ;) I've been making a concerted effort to drink more water for a while, and this past week's focus was to eat fruit at least three times (I usually NEVER eat fruit). I did it - grapes and apple slices, and probably ate them more than three times.

  2. Thanks! Totally did not do to well keeping up with the calories this week!! I've been making nothing but sweets for my little person's birthday and I've sampled them all... A LOT. We've always got next week, right?!


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