Monday, October 17, 2011


Sundays somehow snuck in and became my favorite day.  They usually start with a too-early alarm clock followed by my wails of, "I have NOTHING to wear"... because I don't.  seriously.  I used to complain about having to teach the pre-schoolers at church too.  "Why can't anyone else do it??"  "No one is as busy as me."  "I have too many kids to fit this in.  Can't anyone see that?"  And then getting at least the six year old to sit calmly through mass...  Caging the nearly one year old.  Lord forbid if the volunteer didn't show up to do the nursery for the other two... hell hath no fury.

Over time though, it's become better.  I still have nothing to wear, but I've tried to curb that by putting together  something ridiculous to wear the night before.  (I've decided I want to dress like Ellen. That chick knows what she's doing.  I think it looks classy but casual.  and fun.)  Anyhoo...  although I still wonder why I've been chosen to fit in the preschoolers during my (lack-of) down time, sometimes having to deal with the crazy little people puts my little people into perspective.  May sound mean, but some of them make my kids' crazy behavior just... not so bad... sometimes.  And besides that, I like getting the hugs and the funny little whispers of hello from across the church.  It really isn't so hard to give 20 minutes of my time a week to 'the cause'.

We usually go for doughnuts after church.  This took some guiding...  at church they charge $1.00 for one doughnut and a juice/coffee.  ...times 5 people?  ludicrous.  Here's where budgeting edu-ma-cation comes in and now we go pick out our own on the cheap at the grocery store.  We then all sit around with the newspaper and comics and big mugs o'coffee and milk and just... chill.  After doughnuts are Hoovered in nearly no time, the boys (I include Hubs here) usually wrestle around and get silly.  Then...


for everyone.


This was all followed up yesterday by spooky house painting.

I sat back.  Took it all in.  And did... nothing.

This may sound so trivial, but I call it amazing.  I am not the most religious, but lately I've been trying to "keep holy the Sabbath".  I think God really knew what he was doing when he planned the whole Sabbath thing.  Six days out of the week we go like crazy people.  It's pure ridiculousness.  Between homeschooling, house-wife-ing (this encompasses, like 100,000 jobs) and holding down multiple ("real") jobs we usually teeter-totter right on the edge of burnout.  Sundays are necessary.  I don't do laundry.  I don't vacuum.  I don't scour.  Only the necessities.  I think everybody needs that.  Call it "Sabbath" call it "OOoga Booga" just do it.

Anyway... it's Monday again.  Usually on Sundays all peaceful with my family, I think, "Man, I could just have tons of babies."  By Monday, say.. around 8am, I don't necessarily want... 4 babies.  Well, I want them... but in straight jackets for some of the day...  just sayin.  Monday brings ya back to reality.

Here's more spooky house pics.  Have a peaceful good fine ... just have a Monday.

I found this lurking under the table while everyone was painting...

(dang dust bunnies!)


  1. That is the cutest dust bunny I've ever seen.

    I love Sundays too, though I also have nothing to wear. I wish I could say our Sundays were devoted to reat. One day. . .

  2. Thanks for the comment lovin'. I have to put the rest on the to do list... however ironic that is...


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