Monday, October 10, 2011

The Good Life

Imagine my surprise Thursday night when I looked out the window down on our cul-de-sac and took notice of "all the kids" playing outside.  I then realized that all the kids I subconsciously counted belonged to... me.  They were riding bikes and having a good ol' time.  Coop, our not-so-athletic bookworm even hopped on one and peddled around.  The sun was setting... it was picturesque...  well, except for the ankle-biters left in the house with me to trash the living room while I tried to make dinner... but I digress.

Twas a pretty great weekend.  We were nearly the earliest peeps at the park though on Saturday morning...  It's always a juggling act.  Gotta spend time with family... gotta work to feed said family.  We were at the park by 9:30am so we could get it in before The Hubs had to go to work.

But it was fun... and we had the place to ourselves.  Ourselves and the geese.  Stinky hissing geese.

My guess is that geese are just a whole other animal when they are the same size as you...  I hate geese.

Anyhoo... I took the next picture after my brain fizzled and said "What?!" for a second:

These aren't even all of my kids and they are taking up a whole piece of jungle gym equipment.  Ahh, the noisy, smelly, chaotic, good life.

And so it goes, Sunday after church and after Caleb (stepson) had left to ride home with his aunt to Savannah, the van seemed... quiet.  Like someone was missing.  And they were...  It's fun to giggle throughout the weekend when it feels like so many kids!  But it gets so quiet once one of 'em is gone...

This post has quickly become rambling...  I guess to summarize... I sure wouldn't have planned it this way, but it sure is fun (sometimes...).  Dang!, that's a lot of kids.


  1. The park looks like fun, we love trips like that! Hope you have a great day!

  2. I'm down to four kids and it now seems so easy!


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