Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Love is a Coke.

Yesterday was insane.  I think it was all compounded by the fact it was my one day to work in the afternoon.  And that's all fine and dandy... most days I don't mind that too badly, although I have to schedule around it from the time I get up.  Often, the house doesn't get straightened, no laundry gets done and we still have a bit of school left to do when I get home.  All that aside... the dude I was going to massage was someone I knew to be an ass.  Why?  Well besides what I knew of him, when my co-worker called him to return a message he had left he was rude.  She said it went something like this.  "Hi, this is ___ from ___ ___ Office calling to return your message"  He says:  "Yeah, I know who you are."  What?  Dang it, coworker!  Look in your crystal ball!  You should have known he has caller ID.  Was she supposed to say, "Yo.  What up.  When you comin?"  Anyhoo... that pretty much summed up every conversation I had with him ever and I did not look forward to him telling me how to massage him.  (PS... he's so large I would have to stand on my tiptoes for a whole hour and I didn't look forward to the pain I would be in afterward either...)  Anyway.  I dreaded the afternoon and the kids behavior lately has been


At least, maybe not so terrible individually, but terrible all together.  So the Hubs comes home all smiley, smiley.  He gets home on Tuesdays right smack in the middle of nap and I'm always a wee bit jealous.  This is the quiet time of the day.  Hubs can turn on whatever the hell he wants on the TV and just sit back and relax.  I on the other hand would feel compelled to scrub a toilet or make dinner or something.  I dunno.  Anyhooo...

At this point I ask him if he brought me home the Coke he said he would yesterday.  (see odd love of Coke here...)  And here I want to cry.  I give him a few lines about, "all I have to look forward to is massaging some 500lb guy." ...  "these kids were terrible today" ...  "you couldn't just bring me home a simple Coke?" ...  "its hard being me"...  blahdy blahdy blah.  I think at some point I also compared myself to a rat in a cage.  It was truly me at my finest.  

The Hubs put on a pretty good show too...  all nodding and taking it and shit.  As I squashed down in my pre-backed-up-and-ready van, there sat a shiny, tasty Coke and a simple "I love you" note.  I imagine myself to look something like Gene Wilder in the real Willy Wonka at that particular moment.  "so shines a good deed in a weary world".  I texted to tell him thank you.  (because I obviously couldn't show my face, duh.)  and so it goes.

It works like that.  I get to vent.  He gets me a Coke.  Cokes are big between us.  The everything-but-especially-the-grocery budget is always so tight.  When a $1.00 is spent on just a simple Coke, it really does mean something to us.  We are busy people.  But to know that he stopped just to put a little happy in my world does make me... happy.  It's the simple things. 

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