Friday, November 04, 2011

Five For Friday

I survived the week.  This surprises me.

1.  By the time Coop reads to the R.E.A.D dog, Lucy, at the library tomorrow, we will have been there 3 times in the last 3 days.  People are starting to talk to me there like I am a fixture.  I wonder if the librarian looks at me and says to herself, 'there's that poor baseball cap wearin' mama.'  (By the way... don't ever dress up for storytime.  It makes the other moms irritated.  ...maybe that's just me...)

2.  My kids are caught up on vaccines.  This may seem normal to uh, normal people.  For me, this could very well be the first time my kids have ever been all caught up.  It's rough with four kids.  And those freaks... the office ladies... always expecting copays!  The nerve.  It's all fun and games when you have just one kid.  It's fun to show off your amazing parenting skills and receive gold stars from the pediatrician for being so on time and being so damn awesome.  (They really should give out gold stars or cookies... it may entice me...)  But alas, once there are four and especially when you don't have kids in school and more especially when you are just too tired...  what a hassle!  But it's done.  Yay, me.

3.  I am glad to be done with Halloween!  I am sick of wondering what last minute thing I have forgotten regarding costumes, parties and decorating.  Let us move on to Thanksgiving.  More details to forget!  Here's my peeps trick-or-treatin':

We didn't shop for a single article of costume-wear this year.  We're such dress-up junkies that we furnished everything right out of our very own dress-up box.  My personal favorite was Maximus, the ogre.  No other costume suited a kid so well.

4.    I have fallen amazingly behind in Homeschooling.  Monday, I said, "Hey! that's why we homeschool!" and took a day off to get things done.  I said the same thing Tuesday.  And then Wednesday too.  We did accomplish a bit yesterday...  I think the down time has done us some good.  I'm actually re-evaluating our schedule.  I'm thinking we go full-on year round with more breaks.  I've seen other big bloggin' families doing the same thing.  We learn all year round...  I'll just mark my attendance accordingly.  Now that I've done this for a bit, why not stretch out and get comfy? 

5.  OMG.  Cloth diapers.  I began that trip about 3 months ago... maybe 4?  The water bill just crept up on me.  I didn't notice it so much in previous months, but the last bill I got made me get the Hubs to go checking for leaks!!  What's the freaking answer??  I don't have the luxury of caring for the Earth.  I'd like to be all tree-huggin', but I just can't afford it!  We're back to 'sposies' to see if the bill goes down.  I'm still doing cloth wipes because I can feel the savings with those, but diapers?! I feel like it's just another way for somebody to make money off of me.  One way or the other, Ima pay somebody for my kids' poop.  Sucks. 

So there's you're weekly wrap up.  I don't have pictures yet of Lo-lo-lo-lo-loooooo-lah's birthday, but my friend posted this today: 

I thought it was a pretty cute pic!

Happy weekend!

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