Friday, November 18, 2011

Five For Friday

I am running out of steam this week.  It's been a doozy... I probably won't present five amazing things, but five things nonetheless.

1.  Turkey Day is upon us.  I am not prepared.  At all.  Whatsoever.  I usually have most of the shopping done by now.  The last thing I wanted to do was shop with all the other crazies the weekend before the holiday... but so it goes.  We have family coming down and we're all really excited.  The Hubs is off the whole week too.  We aren't doing anything that would look too exciting to the outside world, but it will be amazingly good for this family to just at least have a change of pace.  A pause button would be nice.  I'll gladly take this though. 

2.  Lola says "nom, nom, nom" when she eats.  Just like Cookie Monster.  This is good for a laugh whenever I need one.

3.  I freaking hate writing resumes.  The Hubs needs one.  (Don't panic, we haven't lost any of our jobs, we're just ready to make life better and slightly more convenient... say, by having only one really good job...hrmph.)  You'd think we would just keep the old resumes we've constructed before, but I've seen hide nor hair of 'em... so I guess we'll just have to re-invent the wheel.  Resumes suck.  You know you're amazing, but you don't want to brag, but it's gotta be perfect, but it's gotta actually portray what you do every.  single.  day and make it look like that's really worth something.  I HATE writing them.  rant done. (I do like reading them though and making fun of them when we get them at the office... just saying... it's fun to be on the other side)

4.  Are you watching Walking Dead?  Because you SHOULD be.  Everyone else is doing it, you should too.  Damn, I love Zombies.  Like, big love.  And before it becomes all the rage and ridiculous like the the whole stupid vampire thing... let me just state that I love Zombies and I've loved 'em for a long time.

5.  Last week my shy kid got on a horse.  He rode it for five minutes then decided he was done.  I thought this was the milestone until later I caught him riding the horse again... this time the lady at the petting zoo had to tell him to give the horse a break!  It sounds small, but it was a proud moment. 

Well, I warned ya.  Not amazing...  but it is what it is!  Have a great weekend.  If you're out and about with all the other crazies like me, good luck!  and don't lose your cool.  ...just throw 'bows like I do.

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