Saturday, November 05, 2011

Now, Tell Me Party People, Is That So Wrong?

This just happened a few minutes ago...  it will help to demonstrate the... quirkiness... of my family.  (I've been trying to take 'weird' out of my vocabulary... as it is used often around these parts.) 

Z really wanted some chicken nuggets for lunch.  He didn't understand why I couldn't just "make them".  We make a lot of stuff from scratch.  I tried to explain to the crowd that I just don't have any chicken.  "Well, then make some!" they said.  I tried to explain that a chicken is a chicken is a chicken.  How had this gotten past them?  I explained that a chicken is an animal and without one I can't just whip up nuggets. "How do they kill them?  Do they shoot them?" Coop asked.  "I dunno" I said, "I think they just cut off their heads or something.  It's really a gory process."

Z, the three year old, pipes up with, "Oh!  Just like Body Movin'!"

It took me a moment.

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