Friday, December 30, 2011

Five For Friday

Are you still cleaning up Christmas mess???  What IS this?  Why does it happen?  We don't really give a lot of gifts to our children... by American standards I suppose.  Small African children would probably be overwhelmed.  (I refer to small African children to my children on a daily basis... as in, "Small African children would love some of your dinner!"  "We could feed small African children just on all the Cheerios you've dropped on the floor!"  "I bet small African children would love the toys you won't pick up!"  I don't know where it came from, probably the info-mercials late at night on the Christian channels.  But those small children have become all the reasons for my childrens' possible guilt.)  Anyhoo...  Christmas mess.  I've got it.  We've even made a fairly big drop-off at ye ol' Good Will.  This crap just won't go away.  That's been my week.  Here's some more:

1.  I caught this: 

this morning.  Sometimes a girl just HAS TO go to the bathroom and I quite frankly never know what I'll find when I get back.  This is the second day in a row that Maximus figured he'd just go for it and grab a little cereal.  (No, the coffee's not his.)  While I gently escort him and his chair when I get back, I'm proud that he's finally taking initiative and becoming a big boy.  That's what we do this for, right??  For them to become independent, socially normal, relatively happy individuals?  We're getting there.

2.  So the stepson has been here this week and, cross your fingers, we've had NO 'incidents'.  ...of the big nasty ODD variety.  Yay!, me.  (and him!)  Everybody's been great... this is always scary for the Hubs because at some point I always say, "See!  We could have more!  We're good at this shit!"  To which he'll say something like, "hahahahaha.... grumble.  grumble.  hahahahaa.  no."  and walk away.  (I'm partially kidding.)  I joke more once Caleb's gone because it's so dang quiet.  The little guys love him so much and they play pretty well together.  I mean, hello... it's 11am and I'm blogging away and they're all just chilling.  Whatever will I do when normal life returns??

3.  I am sick.  I have the sniffles.  This pisses me off.  I never ever get sick.  My neti-pot and I have become besties.  I look at it this way though... if I can just get through this cold, mayhaps I can go another few years without one.  (ps... 'neti-pot' has always sounded so dirty to me.  like the word 'titmouse' or 'titivate'.  You should look em up though.  They are a-maze-ing. Here's the one I use and recommend.  It was cheap and available at Rite Aid.  ... I'm one of those freaks that doesn't 'do' medicine.)

4.  If you are following the saga of the steam mop...  you may be happy to know Ima let it rest.  BUT DA-YAM! can it clean.  Hairspray gone.  Booger goo gone.  Dog doo gone.  Last night's dinner gone.  I-can-do-it-my-self-but-I-get-distracted-because-I-am-trying-to-be-a-big-boy pee pee... gone!  All with no chemicals.  Love it. 

5.  Let's face it... I'm lazy and there's a holiday coming.  You probably won't be hearing from me for a few days.  I've got some grand ideas for the ol' bloggy blog for the up coming year though!  We be working on banners and buttons and all kinds of hoop-la!  I'm going to start up a new FAQ section due to the fact I am asked some pretty hilarious and ridiculous shit on a nearly daily basis...  it will seem un-believable yet entertaining, I am sure.  I would also like to delve more into homeschooling processes and curriculums and what has worked for me and what-not.  Ya know, homeschooling for normal people...  I am not perfect.  at all.  And neither is our skoolin', but it's working. 

Have a VERY Happy New Year!!  Be safe.  And think of me while you're living it up, drinking and party-ing.  I'll be sitting on my couch... watching Dick Clark... again.  (and drinking.) 

See ya in the New Year!


  1. I like to yell things like "starving kids in China would LOVE to have Daddy read to them!" and "Starving kids in China would LOVE to be good in the car!" No one pays attention to me.

    Beware the netipot and the brain eating amobeas. Ameboas? Amebeos? Whatever. Just beware of them.

  2. ha! good to know I'm not alone! And yes, I have considered the brain-eating-ah-me-buz... Ima take my chances. Sometimes the side effects of medications scare me more! My brain thanks you though. =oP

  3. All of those icky moments that we encounter with our little ones become fond memories when they are all grown up! I laugh now at the memories and am so thankful that my children created those moments! When you are digging into what to teach next, what are your kids interested in? You ca design your studies around that and make it fun!

  4. that's a great picture. Love it.

    Veronica @


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