Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Happy St. Nicholas' Feast Day... eh, yesterday!  Each year (on December 6th) I have the kiddos put their little shoes underneath the tree so St. Nick can put a little somethin' somethin' in 'em over night.  When I was little and in CCD at church my youth director would do the same thing while we sat in class.  It would always be a surprise that we'd get to take off our shoes and find out what was in them outside the door at the end of class.  I remember always hoping my shoes weren't too stinky...makes for some gross candy.  Anyway, it's a tradition in Germany and something fun to do with the kids when they feel like Christmas JUST WON'T COME FAST ENOUGH.  I always like to add that the Jolly Saint will probably be checking in on their behavior when he gets here...  I use whatever I can.

And so, like any good mother... my kids feasted on
chocolate for breakfast this morning.

Meanwhile, we'll keep taking links off our Advent chain day-by-day and eating a little more chocolate from our countdown calendars each night.  It beats answering the question, "WHEN IS CHRISTMAS GOING TO BE HERE???!" every 5 minutes.


  1. Your second sentence is grammatically ambiguous. ;-)

  2. Wait! Are you being dirty about my kids little shoes?? You naughty, naughty boy. ...don't use SAT words. =oP

  3. What I mean is that, in your second sentence, it is ambiguous exactly what St. Nick is putting the "somethin' somethin'" into. You have two plural nouns (kids and shoes) and only one plural pronoun.

    So, yes, I was being dirty. ;-)

    PS- why don't you use blogger like your brother?

  4. Hey, St. Nick needs his kicks too...

    I use blogger. The Bro uses Wordpress. I'm confused enough about all the coding and crap that goes into blogging... I can't switch it up now. ...and yes, I know you would be the shiz at coding... you should make me a kick ass template.


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