Friday, December 02, 2011

Five For Friday

I am growing more and more concerned about EMF readings in my bedroom.  Ghost Hunters has taught me well...  There are so many electronics in my room... so many blinking lights...  The Hubs has moved me to the side of the bed with the computer.  If I begin seeing ghosts and that douche bag Zak Bagans shows up, Ima kill myself.

Barring anything that exciting happening... here's my weekly wrap up...

1. We still haven't turned the heat on.  MUAHAHAHAHA!... take THAT natural gas company.  The nights have been freaking cold, but then again we've been all snuggly in our blankies.  Once we get past the chilly mornings, it's been just fine.  But then I did find this lurking when I woke up this morning:

Yeah.... I think he's trying to prove a point.  But what could it be?  WHAT COULD IT BE?  I have a sneaky suspicion the heat'll be coming on this weekend. The Hubs has also mentioned building a fire.  in the fireplace.  for the first time.  since we moved in nearly 5 years ago.  This makes my anxiety.... anxious.  Hate to burn down the house...

2.  The Bro finally watched the Walking Dead.  He was the world's last hold out.  See his take here:  Zombie Apocalypse:  The Walking Dead Review.  I don't think I agree with much of it...  but it is an interesting take on things.  I'm a sucker for all things zombie.  With a little drama mixed in... magic.  That's not how he saw things.

3.  The damn resume has been written.  Now it just needs to be sent... places.  When I was younger and was ready for a new job, (uh, like twice... cause lets face it, I've been at the same damn office for almost 12 years now) I just wrote myself up a cute little resume and went out and got another job.  BAM.  Done.  Now there's this sucky economy thing to deal with.  On top of that there's just a few minor details...  kids, health insurance, fsa's, life insurance, babymamas, location, BILLS.  It's enough to make a person stay at a sucky job just to not have to deal with all the baggage and shit that has to be sorted through and decided on when looking for or getting a new job.  Step by step is the only way I suppose.  But the resume writing process was much easier with The Bro's help.  All was said and done Friday morning while watching TV for an hour or so.  Sigh.  of.  relief.  I hate those things.

4.  My Coop took a spelling test today and aced it.  Now, you lay people may think, "so what?  aren't you there right beside him?"  Well no.  I mean, yeah... but it doesn't work like that.  He still has to prove he's gained the knowledge.  We take our tests pretty seriously.  He beamed when he was done.

Needless to say, I was impressed.  Day by day, I do believe this homeschool stuff is... working!

5.  I heard owls talking to each other last night.  It doesn't seem news worthy, I know.  I always find it so effing cool though.  And always, no matter what time it is I wake the Hubs up and declare, "Huzzahh!  I hear owls!  Isn't it amazing!" and he gives me enough, "that is just really swell" to make me do it again next time.  Have I mentioned The Hubs wakes up around 3:30am to go to work?  Who else am I going to tell when I hear owls?  Well, now I've told you people.  I just KNEW you'd find it as amazing as I!  You DID, right?

Happy, happy weekend, ya'll.

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