Friday, December 16, 2011

Five for Friday

Today is amazingly gorgeous and I've gotta have time to enjoy it... so, quickly!... here's the rundown:

1.  The funny of the week:  Coop gets the words 'pimples' and 'nipples' mixed up.  What do I mean?  Example:  as I am waiting for him to bring the broom into the bathroom yesterday so we can begin The Major Cleanup, I pause to reflect on my garden of pimples I have been cultivating on my right cheek.  "Stop popping your nipples, Mom.  Let's get to work!"  It is hard to not roll on the floor when things like this happen... and sometimes I nearly do...  but yesterday we had a very quick anatomy lesson. 

2.  The behavioral therapist has been called in for Max.  Yay.  Hopefully this will help with keeping all my windows around a little longer.  I don't know how this works though.  I hope she doesn't sit around and 'observe' me like some sort of Super Nanny, then declare I am doing everything wrong, wrong, WRONG.  Something you should know about me:  I do not take criticism well.  I'd like to say I do... that I learn from it, and grow, and blah, blah, blah.  But instead I usually just bitch about it to at the Hubs.  I will take it in stride though.  I'll do anything in the name of PEACE.

3.  Remember where I was all like, "Wow!  Homeschooling!  We're rocking it."  I still think that, but it's tipped itself over to the other side of the spectrum where I wonder if we're doing enough.  Should it feel like work, or have we finally figured out how to make it work?  The state mandates that we 'do' homeschool for four hours a day.  We've been knocking out phonics, math, spelling, vocabulary, reading and handwriting in 1-2.  Everyday life is learning... that's where we grab science and a lot of other things.  I guess I just feel guilty that his nose isn't in a book all day long... but if he's getting it... he's getting it, right? 

4.  We've spent the week without a TV.  Or rather, the kids have.  Is it broken?  Nope!  But that's what I told 'em.  Our remote's been on the brink for weeks now and it finally took its celestial dirt nap on Monday.  I just told them the whole damn thing was broken.  I even joked to the guy at Comcast that he could ship the new one instead of us picking it up because the house was much more peaceful this way.  Don't know about you, but even though these heathens only get about an hour of TV a day, they are little snots when we turn it off.  It can be a brain warper.  (It can also be a fantastic babysitter when mama needs a break, so I will come out of this mood soon.) 

5.  Here's a picture from last Christmas:

I noticed many things right away:
  • Lola makes the same dang face when she's about to cry even now, a year later.
  • Caleb always gets stuck holding the babies.
  • I guess I CAN'T put Coop in the red and black sweater this Christmas.  Or I could... but it may be tacky.
  • I should invest in black socks for the kids.
  • Max really hasn't changed.
  • There really isn't any hope that a large group of siblings will look at the camera and smile at the same time.
Amazing, right??  Well, I thought so anyway.  Here in the south it's freaking warm.  Hot, I'd say... in the house anyway.  I was all prepared to make chili tonight (and by prepared I mean, I like, had to soak beans and shit...  anything in the name of cheap!)  I have to keep plugging away at it, cause that's what was planned.... but eh, chili when it's 70 outside?  hrmph.

Hope you have an excellent weekend.  Don't get too frenzied over all this Christmas stuff.  This too shall pass.  I mean, I love it, but I'm not stressing it!  Enjoy.


  1. I hope you had a good holiday! It is warm here too, doesn't feel much like a winter being used to MD weather.

  2. Thank you! you too! It finally just got a bit chilly... and rainy... so we can pretend its a normal winter. =o)

  3. Okay, you're adorable and you're making me laugh so I shall have to follow you. Not in an awkward stalking way, in a bloggy way. You also look really familiar in your profile picture but I can't figure out why. Anyhoo, I came through someone's blog hop with which I got distracted looking up other people's blogs instead of linking up my own and now I don't remember where I started. Such is life.

  4. Blog-stalk away!! I love it! I honestly hear every other day that I look like somebody. I guess I have a very average face... is this a good thing... hmmm... I guess if I'm ever on the run from the law I'll just blend in like camouflage?? sweet.


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