Thursday, December 01, 2011

Ah. Mouse Hand.

I am learning to think outside the box.  For instance I'm coming to you from my boudoir.  I'm sure this is nothing new for you lucky people with laptops, but its totally new for me considering I have a big ol' stone-age desktop.  Well, I don't want to be rude to the ol' thing.  (Sorry, Comp.)  It works just fine I suppose for what I have to do... (side note:  the Printer and I are not currently getting along.  at.  all.  and this sucks for all the copies of crap I need or pictures I've wanted to scan for you... I digress...) 

Anyhoo...  If you haven't seen my room... and if you are not part of an extremely select few... you have NOT... I will describe it for you:

big bed.  papers.

Welp, that pretty much sums it up.  I am stuck in a paper rut.  It's all just sitting there, rotting on my dresser and different corners of my bedroom.  I need a shredder somethin' fierce.  Bills.  Painted kid pics.  Glittered kid pics.  Important records.  ...even the humongous binder Egleston gave us when Max had his heart surgery about two years ago.  Do I need it?  No.  Do I just throw it away?  ...I guess so?

Anyway...  so because of lack-o-room, we've set this monstrous thing up on a side lamp table.  I wouldn't have thought of it, but the Hubs brought it up.  My problem was this... I have 4 monkeys that run around screaming and getting into shit CONSTANTLY.  CONSTANTLY.  To find time to blog, pay bills, stare at Facebook (necessities, right?) was becoming impossible.  The computer was in the basement beside the older kids' room.  This also meant I couldn't use it if they were 'sleeping' because they would bug the hell out of me.  Thus my Hubs came up with the idea of squishing it into my bedroom.  I think I am...  loving it!  One huge bonus is that I am not freezing my ass off as I am in the warm main part of the house! 

I look forward to meeting two goals...  blogging more often and cleaning my damn room up... I can't keep staring at this junk! 

I'm going to start thinking outside the box on a lot of other things.  What else am I doing that is ridiculous?  Where am I losing time or what else am I working 'harder-not-smarter' on?  Often I do things because it 'should be done that way'.  What if They walk in and there is a guinea pig in the middle of the kitchen?  I can't tape the kids' pictures all over the walls because They wouldn't decorate that way...  I think about They a lot regarding house decor or homeschooling or even what I wear.  Who the hell is They???  I haven't met 'em, but I worry a lot about Them.  Ridiculous.  (Maybe They is Oprah?  Martha Stewart?  hmm...)

Look forward to hearing from me a lot more often.  I can feel my mouse hand again!


  1. Anonymous4:23 PM

    I keep my underwear in my bathroom closet, cause that's where I always put them on.

  2. A most excellent tip. I started putting my jammies and undies in the bathroom closet last week. ...sorry if you noticed while looking for soap or what not. =oP Mine was more of a I-freaking-hate-being-cold reason.


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