Monday, December 26, 2011

Steamy Mops and Jumping of Bones.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...  I was your normal full-time employee at a chiropractic office.  I had no children and no commitments... besides said full-time job.  The boss told me he was getting his wife some sort of hand held vacuum contraption for Christmas and this became fodder for jokes for the next few weeks.  I was sure to mention (because I knew everything, duh) that women do not want things with plugs for Christmas.  How unromantic!  How revolting!  How could he get his wife a vacuum for Christmas?  "But you have to know her," he'd say.  "She'll love it!  She's a clean freak!"  "No way." I'd tell him.  I felt I had some sort of duty to her as a female.  Poor thing, all unwrapping this horrid thing on Christmas Day.  I assumed she'd be crushed.

It is interesting how things change.  How we evolve into grown-ups, hopefully with common sense and better senses of humor...

Enter Christmas 2011.

I received a steam mop for Christmas.  It has plugs.  It cleans.

I could have jumped the Hubs' bones right then and there...  woulda been awkward for the kids I suppose.

I would have to say it was my favorite gift yet.

... funny how we change.


  1. When I was working, I had the same thought. Now that I'm a stay at home mom, I'm thrilled when I get something to help clean my house. LOL

  2. I think it kind of depends on if he knew it was something you wanted or not! I got a new clock radio--with a plug. ;-) I LOVE it!
    Hopping in from HHH.

  3. HA! I'm so the same way! My hubby knows better than to get me flowers or something dumb like that - give me a blender or a swiffer or a some kitchen knives! Heck yeah! I think this runs in my family though; there's an old family story of my grandmother returning a diamond ring her husband got her and buying a pitch fork because that's what she really wanted.

  4. Yep... I second the flowers thing. One day when I'm rich it'll be nice. Until then, I get super-duper excited about the stuff that may make life a little easier! Your grandma sounds like my kinda lady!


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