Thursday, December 08, 2011

Five For Friday

It has been a pretty good week here at the Awesome abode.  And I mean that sincerely.  And I like when I can mean that sincerely.  Here are some odds and ends of the week:

1.  We turned the freaking heat on, okay.  OKAY?!  Geesh.  Pretty good, I think.  My goal was to make it to December 1st and here we are at the 9th.  It's funny what you can get used to though... yesterday as the temperature reached 68 in the house both the Hubs and I complained it was getting too damn hot and had to knock it down a bit.  I think we're (I say 'we', isn't that cute?) going to try plastic wrapping the windows.  I've heard great things about it and that it really is efficient.  I'm just wondering... how it looks.  do I care?  Suppose not.

2.  Michelle Duggar was the big ol' story on Twitter yesterday and I decided to check into it.  It had just come out that she had miscarried her twentieth child.  It was positively scathing.  Terrible.  Left and right people had tweeted horrible things about how 'she deserved it' or 'it was coming' or that it 'was a good thing'.  What???  Who deserves this?  A miscarriage.  Does it really affect these people's lives how many children she has?  Ridiculous.  This is a soapbox I have to step down from or the whole post could be about this.  I could seriously punch people that say asinine things like this.

3.  I am going to work today.  This pisses me off.  The chicky I was supposed to massage Tuesday called me... at 2:30... as I was in the shower... getting ready... to meet 3:15.  It was a 2 hour time slot.  She left me with no time to fill the damn space.  I get paid peanuts filing or whatever at the office compared to what I get paid to massage.  Nevermind I had to move 4 kids schedules all over the damn place to be ready by said time, but Hubs missed out on overtime because he had to be home with the kids.  So today, once again... (because monetarily, she has me by the short hairs...) I must meet with her to get this damn massage done.  Moral of the story:  there are reasons people charge 'no show' fees when you don't give 24 hours notice for missed appointments.  I should...or at least, the doc I work for should... although I'd see none of it.  Anyway, if you make an appointment with someone, freaking show up... you never know what they've done just to be with you.  PSA complete.

4.   Max got so mad this week that he literally broke a window.  He was asking for something that he just wasn't getting... I forget what it was... but its at the point with his temper that you just don't want to have to tell him no.  Of course you have to, but lordy, do the repercussions SUCK.  So on Wednesday, when I said something like, "no, you can't have a tenth banana" or something just as obviously a no...  he freaks and just begins slamming his hand on our fragile, fragile... thin, rickety, old, single-paned windows.  ...And crack.  What the hell are you so mad about, TWO YEAR OLD?  Budget getting on your nerves?  Mortgage due?  Car shit the bed?  What could be irritating you so badly that you burst into rages so many dang times a day??  Sigh.

5.  We are kicking ass, home school style.  I've decided it all runs in cycles.  By 'all' I mean, any damn thing you can think of.  Life.  In the case of home school, there are just some really bad weeks sometimes when everybody wants to throw in the towel.  Then there are some weeks where we are all kicking asses and taking names.  Math?  Bam.  rocked it.  Phonics?  Done and done.  Spelling?  what spelling?  finished it.  I will relish this moment... now that I've discovered the cycle.

Welp... if you've noticed, I've joined 'Top Mommy Blogs'.  Every time you visit me, if you'd click the little button you could make my ego swell a bit.  I like to have my ego swelled...  (tee, hee.)

Have an rockin' weekend.  We will.  I'm back to hard-core organizing.  Last week was the shit in the organizing department.  (Odd where we get our kicks once we're older 'eh?)


  1. Stopping by from FTLOB. I am amazed Michelle Duggar has so many children, as I have none and can't fathom it. Some may say she's 'overpopulating', I say she's just filling in the gap I left. I can't believe people would be cruel about her miscarriage though. That's just ridiculous.

    I hate no shows. Half of my job is home visits and it really irks me when people just aren't home for the visit. Really? You can't just stay home? For 45 minutes? Even though I just drove 50 miles to get here? Bleh.

    I bet chicky got a great deep tissue massage from you ;)

  2. Oh, chicky got a good massage, but now I need one!

    That IS crazy that people can't just stay at home. Isn't that the most convenient type of appointment??

    people are just nuts. period.

    Thanks for stopping by!!


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