Friday, January 06, 2012

Five For Friday

I have been asked today where I've been.  Where's Five For Friday?  Where did you go??  Well, readers... I did say I was taking a little time off... But let me tell you, it's nice to be missed.  I mean, I am constantly missed, constantly needed...  by people who need their butt wiped.  So, it's nice to be needed or missed by you fairly normal types.  (If you too need your butt wiped however, you have more serious problems that will not be solved here in this blog.  Know what I'm saying, g?)

Back! semi-popular demand...  Five For Friday.

I will do the best I can.

1.  The Christmas mess is up.  Sorta.  ...As much as humanly possible??  I had but a few hours to look around and take in my living room.  Had it really always been so big??  Before this happened:

...and BAM!  Living room gone again.  They've all enjoyed the jumpy-jump... complete with 100 balls to pelt at people and pick up daily.  The grown ups have enjoyed the fact that their little hairs stand right up like little electricity balls when inside.  ...And when these grown ups scruff their feet along the floor and around the jumpy-jump, they can get a pretty fun jolt out of each little tyke.  Muahahahahaha.

2.  I am up late looking into science curricula.  This deserves one big ridiculous UGH.  I've been here so many times before and I've never made a dang decision.  I grew up in public school.  Therefore I learned evolutionary theory, big bang theory... all that ...stuff.  I always took it as theory.  I went to church and I learned those religious ideas too.  There's plenty of room in my brain for both.  When home schooling however, it would seem that there is only room for one thing:  7 days and 2 peeps in a garden.  I am searching for a happy medium:  all things come from God, but because we do not want to be ignorant of the ways of the world, here are some theories.  How's about that??  I haven't seen this yet.  It is confusing and infuriating.  So I continue on.  One of these days Ima just do it and be done with it.  This kid eats science... loves the stuff... thrives on it.  He wants it.  I may just have to give up some reservations.

3.  Twice this week I've gotten partially out of my mom uniform (pony tail) and heard, "Wow, I had no idea your hair was so long".  I've been growing this crap forever it seems and I'm so glad to finally have gotten over the hump.  I've gone as short as

this before.  Only an inch or two at the longest.  (you should know that as the Hubs was 'trimming' my Z's long locks for the first time, he let the little-bit run in and surprise me with only the front cut.  He was, in fact, business in the front and all party in the back.  We call this a mullet in the South.  This would be my aw-hell-no-not-a-mullet face.)

I digress.  My hair continues to grow ass-bound 'til I get a eh... wild hair.

...It's longer than this now.  But you won't be seeing that because, hello... I have acne.

Anyway.  Someone asked me how long I would let it grow.  I jokingly said I was going to dread this shit.  They laughed and said I wouldn't and if you know my personality, then you know it means that I just might.  hmmm....

4.  We've been 'off of school' for 2 weeks now and these children are driving me nuts.  What these heathens don't realize is that while their little smooshy faces say they are glad they don't have to 'do school', their behavior says they need their freaking schedule back.  dang it.

5.  Yesterday after speech therapy was complete, the speech therapist (who I still believe may suck, but now I like her on a personal level, so this is my problem) asks, "Do you think Max has actually become less intelligible?"  Sigh.  I replied, "yes." and that I was glad she just asked because that makes it truly objective.  We mamas have a way at nit-picking any situation because we are worried.  So we continue to work... even harder.  He's a pretty tough nut to crack.  Lola sits in on his therapy sessions with me and I am beginning to wonder if she will soon have more words under her belt.  She's catching up and it makes my heart ache for Max.  We'll get it, but I have never been accused of being patient.

Well there you have it.  BOOM.  Submitted before midnight.  There's your Five For Friday.  Happy Weekend.  Don't forget to vote for me.  (wink, wink)  ...and vote often.  (please.)


  1. If you insist on teaching your kid a very old fairy tale as truth, there's no reason you can't blend in some science. Seven days doesn't have to be taken literally. The two peeps thing is tricky, I think the church frowns on incest, and science definitely does.

    Good luck with that. ;-)

  2. I wanna make it clear that I am on the side of science. However, most or maybe even damn near all home school curricula are geared toward Creationism. I would love a happy medium that teaches while all things come from God, there are some theories as to how they got here. Make sense? I dare you to google it and research it for me in your spare time. =oP

    ...I need all the luck I can get.

  3. I hear you on the science curricula. I also hear you on my kids needing to get back to a schedule. OY I wonder if my family will ever recover from the holidays. :)


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