Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday! Sundae! Sunday!

Okay.  I admit it.  Mayhaps it was a mistake.  I have lived through enough Sundae Sundays to admit that maybe it is just not such a great idea.  At first it seemed amazing:  Every Sunday for dinner we will simply have sundaes.  No menu planning.  No complicated ingredients to buy.  Not much to really think about.  Only six little bowls and six little spoons to wash up afterwards.  Maybe not the most nutritional of dinners, but something the kids would remember when they were all grown up.  "Hey, remember when we always had sundaes for dinner on Sundays??  Man, that was fun".  No, it is not the most nutritional of dinner items, but one day a week won't kill us!

Recently I've sat back and pondered another of our Sunday traditions:  doughnuts.  Each week, dependent upon good church behavior, we all pile in the van after church and head to Ingles.  Everyone gets to go in and pick their very own doughnut.  Sprinkly.  Creme-filled.  Chocolatety.  Sugary.  Everyone gets so excited.  (Which makes me wonder if our Ingles has noticed our weekly field trip yet and watches from afar like the circus has just rolled through...)  After doughnut picking we all settle down at the table and talk about what we learned at church and how hard we're going to nap.  (Well... I usually talk about how hard I'm gonna nap...)  It's a nice time to just be together.  Doughnut time usually counts as lunch since we get home from church around 11am.

So I stuck all that together in my head the other day and realized, "Oh shit.  My kids eat nothing but crap on Sundays."  OOops.  My bad.  Now, I don't necessarily subscribe to the idea of no sweets for kids.  I suppose that's evident in everything I've just said.  I sometimes wonder if this whole anti-obesity situation is going to backfire when we raise a whole bunch of little robots that scream, "nooooooooooooo!  sugar bad."  Once these little people can make their own choices, some are going to go ape-shit in the candy aisle.  Instead, I believe in all things in moderation.  Let's learn about nutrition, but also how to have something a little sweet every so often.  But, let's be honest... my Sundae Sundays have become a free-for-all that I'm going to have to put the kiboshes to.

This is going to get messy.

So what goes... 
the doughnut or the ice cream?  

oh, choices.  choices. 

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