Monday, July 25, 2011

Sandy Poop!

I am, like, 95% sure Maximus Prime (above in all his glory) has a wheat allergy.  The last few weeks I decided to become a pioneer woman of sorts and make everything I possibly can.  Now, this kid has been poopin' sandy, grainy, stick to ya booty poop for weeeeeeks several times a day.  However, if you mix in homemade:  granola bars, bread, hamburger buns, ravioli, pasta, muffins, cakes, cookies, etc. it makes for a... mess.  Ima get to the gritty details (muhahaha.)  This poop is so grainy, you could use 10 disposable wipes on it and it ain't goin no where.  I switched to cloth wipes for him (no cloth diapers yet because I'd feel bad for my washer) and that just made more laundry and a very stinky situation to have pile up.  There are times he needs a bubble bath just to get the job done.  

I think I've made it relatively clear that I am no computer genius, but I've Googled "wheat allergy" in the past.  I've also Googled "lactose intolerance" and "celiac disease".  (I've become pretty good friends with our amazing pediatrician, but she does make fun of the fact that I Google EVERYTHING.)  I had told Hubs earlier in the afternoon that it just looked like he poops bread!  So last night, after changing, I dunno, 6 grainy, sandy diapers I thought, "Hey!  I'll Google [duh] 'grainy, sandy poop'."  There it 'twas...  so many parents with the same damn thing happening.  

Kid hasn't had wheat since 7 pm last night and hasn't pooped either.  Yay us.  

Of course I'll add the usual, 'everybody's different', but mayhaps you've come here because the same thing is happening to your kid... try the wheat.  I figured it's not celiac because it just doesn't seem life altering, just amazingly annoying... and tears up his butt something fierce.  I'm not going all gluten-hatin', but we're gonna stick with this wheat thing for a bit.

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  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Hi, I'm a Mom from Italy and I found your blog writing about son's sandy poop searching for toddler's sandy poop, because I have the same issue with my 2,5 years old little boy. He tested negative for celiac but he have a lots of symptoms, like soft and sandy poop (exactly what You have described) every time after he eats pasta or bread. I would be very glad to hear from You how this issue has continued! Please let me know your experience! Thank you very much!!
    Mom to Raffaele.


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