Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poop. Home Schooling. Tattoos.

So, if you are following the poop chronicles, all is MUCH better.  Of course, if you couldn't eat wheat what would you eat???  I've pumped the poor kid so full of fruit that now he's poopin that!  It's fun to be me.  We I continue to journal about his eating vs. poop habits, but I think we've nipped this one in the bud butt.  Pretty sucky allergy to have.  

So the big Southeast Home School Expo is this weekend.  This just happens to coincide with my birthday on Friday.  Got a babysitter for the shindig.  Whaaaaat what????  (I'm dancing in my seat, hands flailing, booty shakin)  I seem to remember needing a coat the last time I went somewhere, just the Hubs and I.  It seems people don't want to take care of four kids at once.  (What? ya scared? chicken shit.)  I do this all day, homies.  Wait til I lay it on the sis that's babysitting that we now use cloth diapers on the youngest babe.  ha.  What's that?  You think cloth wipes are weird too???  Eh, well.  Pair all this up with the fact Maxy Pants doesn't do wheat and all I have to say is, HAVE FUN!  See ya, bye.  

So I say to the Hubs... "you know what we should do if we are actually out and about Friday??  I should get my tattoo!"  Then I had to stop myself from literally ROFL(ing) because the statement sounded ludicrous.  I don't know any other home schoolers.  In fact, I have few mommy friends.  I got the ball rolling a good 2 years before any of my friends and they just aren't within the same realm as my crazy family.  When I picture home schoolers, even though we do it ourselves, I too see the Duggars.  I'm hoping to do a great deal of stalking people watching at the Expo just to feel like we may fit into a niche somewhere.  (That last sentence sounds really depressing...) 

As for the tattoo, it probably won't happen.  I don't like when I hear people complain about money, but notice they're all inked up.  It's art, man!  hmph.  It's not in the budget.  But it's awfully fun to say outloud.

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